All Out, All Game, All Season

Under a new coach, Girls Tennis is soaring to new heights


The girls tennis team exited for their last match victory, picture from FHS girls tennis team instagram account serving it up

Ailyn Ponce, Staff Writer

The Frederick High girls tennis team started earlier this spring ready to beat the other schools, the girls had great victories but they of course also had some losses, but that didn’t stop them from going to regionals and nearly making state!

Girl’s tennis has been a pretty popular high school sport for many years now, the sport was first played in England in the late 19th century, the game comes from the game Jeu de paume (game of the palm) invented in France in the 12th century, but tennis didn’t become an official sport until the 1970s and it has only grown since then.

Anastaisha Rivera is a sophomore at Frederick high school and plays for the girl’s tennis varsity team, she started playing her freshman year because she wanted to try something new and she also thought that it would be a fun experience, she hadn’t had much tennis experience before but she says that she is more invested and working hard to getting better she told us “My favorite part of tennis is getting to play in general and getting to improve and have fun while doing it. I enjoy getting to practice with the team, everyone is funny and nice.” The Girl’s Tennis team went to regionals and Anastaisha got to go, she told The Lantern that “no one on the team really qualified for state but some were close and won some of their games.” The girls left for regionals on May 4th and were excused for the day. Hopefully, the girls have better luck next year and make it to state!

Jasmine Garcia is also a sophomore at Frederick High School and she plays for the junior varsity tennis team, she started playing this year because her friend mentioned it and told her to join the team, doesn’t have much experience but she still decided to give it a try and she says that she’s been enjoying it so far, she also mentioned that the tennis season has been going pretty well so far and that “ we’ve been growing as a team, learning from each other, and helping each other at practice and at matches. Though we’ve had some losses in matches, we still fight back in the best way we can.”

Mrs.Giammo is the junior varsity coach, she didn’t play tennis in high school but she did play volleyball and softball; she started coaching in 2015 in her previous high school, she enjoys it now and likes helping people improve she says “I really enjoy helping people become better at their passion and watching the fun that they have while they do it.” Coach Giammo said that the season started off strong with wins against Ft. Morgan and Mountain View and then they came across schools with more experienced and established programs, therefore tougher competition, but that “the girls are improving in their game!” 

The girl’s tennis team has now come to an end but they do have summer practices that start on May 31 from five to seven in the afternoon in case you or anyone you know is interested, they also have two Instagram accounts called Frederick_tennis and the other one is called serving it up, now that the girl’s tennis season has ended were excited to see what they’ll bring next season.