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The Student News Site of Frederick High School

Frederick Lantern

The Hunger Games prequel shows the backstory of President Snow and how Lucy Gray won the 10th annual Hunger Games

Hunger Games Is Super Confusing

Kaylee Ledgerwood, Staff Writer December 4, 2023

The Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes is a prequel and set 64 years before the other Hunger Games movies. The movie shows how an ordinary girl from District 12 wins the 10th annual Hunger Games....

On November 7th, Warner Bros. will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of New Line Cinema’s Holiday Classic “Elf” by streaming the film in theaters world wide. After 20 years, this holiday film is still a hit and a big a holiday tradition.

‘Elf’ Will Turn Theaters Ferrell This December

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Copy Editor November 14, 2023

Picture this, a warm fire creating heat in the room, beautiful lights glittering across the Christmas tree, comfortable pajamas, hot cocoa in hand, and the annual holiday tradition of watching the movie...

Gen V is the new intriguing addition in The Boys universe.

Gen V Is Golden

Kendan Cartwright, Staff Writer November 13, 2023

Gen V is the newest TV show set in The Boys Universe, revolving around a group of college students and their uncovering the secret of their campus. It is a satire of the teen superhero media and also Xmen....

After many years of anticipation FNAF was finally brought to the life on the big screen ad fans are loving it.

Five Nights gets Five Stars

Griffin Baldwin, Staff Writer November 6, 2023

Ever since the game was first released in August 2014, fans have been asking and begging for this. The creators finally listened, and after only 9 years, it’s here! Five Nights at Freddy's was released...

The new Netflix film ‘Old Dads’ was just mediocre it felt like it was maybe missing something.

Old Dads is Already Old

Iyonna Moore, Social Media Manager October 27, 2023

The movie Old Dads was just released to Netflix on October 20th, 2023. A lot of viewers speculated that the movie was going to be good because the director is Bill Burr. For those who don't know who Bill...

The newest Nun II film brought so much to the table reeling back in horror fans and those who lobe the Conjuring Universe films.

Nun II Saves the Conjuring Universe

Kaya Paluda , Editor in Chief October 20, 2023

Needing to make a comeback for not only the franchise but to save the image of the character, the Nun II certainly came back to wow fans. After five long years, the Nun has made a comeback onto screens. Set...

Disney +

Jack is Back

Emma Phillips, Sports Editor October 20, 2023

The Nightmare Before Christmas just hit their 30th anniversary. For over 3 decades, the movie has been a hit for all generations. For those who don’t know, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a stop-motion...

A crazy poster for an AI generated movie. Similar to many low budget movies, the graphics are bad but the storyline is so weird that it’s good!

Embracing the B-Movie Magic

Sierra Sanchez, Staff Writer October 16, 2023

In a world filled with big-budget blockbusters and high-tech special effects, there's something oddly endearing about bad low budget horror movies. These films may lack the polished production values of...

Totally Killer on amazon Prime was definitely worth the watch.

This Film is Totally Killer

Emma Phillips, Sports Editor October 14, 2023

Imagine Happy Death Day and Back to the Future making a movie together. Totally Killer is that movie, with a little bit of horror and humor. Totally Killer is a rated R movie because of bloody violence,...

The Exorcist Believer in theaters now. Scary halloween movie will make you jump out of you chair. With the halloween season starting add this new film to your list of movies you need to watch.

Exorcist: Believer is Unbelievably Good

Hazel Mciver Oun, Staff Writer October 11, 2023

While it’s not as scary as the first, it still packs fun and scare. The Exorcist Believer is a good movie with lots of jumps scares. The Exorcist has the movie legacy for a good scare every time. This...

We wanted to bring it back to O.G. We wanted an original ‘Saw’ movie. We wanted John Kramer very featured in this movie. But we also wanted a movie that was accessible to people that had never seen a ‘Saw’ movie - Oren Koules executive producer

Saw X is Bloody Fun

Kendan Cartwright, Staff Writer October 10, 2023

The new Saw X film is one of the best Saw movies we have seen in a while. It was directed by Kevin Greutert, who also made other Saw movies like Spiral and The Final Chapter. This movie felt like a...

The candlelit faces of Joyce Reynolds (Michelle Yeoh), Ariadne Oliver (Tina Fey), Jamie Dornan (Dr. Leslie Ferrier), Rowena Drake (Kelly Reilly), and Detective Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh) form a seance circle for the poster of A Haunting in Venice. Branaghs third Agatha Christie-based film puts the detective in the middle of a ghostly mystery on Halloween night. While the film is no fast-paced slasher, it has enough spooky elements and slow building tension to earn a spot on everyones Halloween must-watch list.

A Haunting In Venice is a Dark Delight

Kendan Cartwright, Staff Writer September 23, 2023

A Haunting in Venice is the newest movie in Kenneth Branagh's Agatha Christie series, in which the prolific filmmaker directs and stars as famous detective Hercule Poirot. After positive box office returns...

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