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The Student News Site of Frederick High School

Frederick Lantern

The Student News Site of Frederick High School

Frederick Lantern

The pacer test feels like an old unneeded tradition.

Fit or Frustrating?

Sierra Sanchez, Staff Writer May 20, 2024

The Pacer Test is a fitness test that measures your aerobic capacity and endurance. It involves running back and forth between two points, with the speed increasing as the test progresses. It's commonly...

Kaya Paluda smiles at the camera during her senior photos in the wonderful outdoors. Kaya’s warm smile welcomes all who encounter her. The kind hearted student-athlete is setting a new standard of excellence in every aspect of life.

KAYA PALUDA: Balancing Body and Mind

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Copy Editor May 19, 2024

Kaya Paluda is a student athlete who is setting new standards and values of what’s to expect. Kaya is an understanding, trustworthy friend who is incredibly passionate about what she does. Her great...

Mr. Dufour giving a call signal in a home game while third base coaching, as #5 senior Makenzie Sais stands beside him. Mr. Dufour has dedicated his entire career into having a successful softball program and he has done so by exceeding over 400 wins under his belt, with more to come in his last year of coaching in the 2024-2025 season.

Mr. Dufour: A Frederick Legend Retires

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Copy Editor May 16, 2024

Mr. Dufour has been respectful, kind, and compassionate to the Frederick family in all settings—in the gym, the classroom, and on the diamond. He has shown through his dedication, tenacity, and leadership...

Senior Matthew Sais smiles at the camera during his senior photos in the great outdoors. Matthew is a leader and inspiration to all as he is filled with passion and enthusiasm.

MATTHEW SIAS: Throwing a Pitch Into the Future

Emma Phillips, Sports Editor May 12, 2024

Senior Matthew Sias is a shining example of dedication and perseverance, with a passion for both academics and athletics. This has defined his high school journey making it fun and memorable before Matthew...

Senior Emma Phillips turns to the camera sporting her Colorado Rapids jersey with a soccer ball in her hand. Emmas bright smile welcomes all to whom she encounters, as she is a friend to everyone.

EMMA PHILLIPS: One Heart, One Goal

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Copy Editor April 14, 2024

Loyalty. Friendly. Outgoing. Emma Phillips. Emma plays the game she loves, and as she comes onto the soccer field, the stands are surrounded with her passion, heart, and soul for the game. On the field...

Lily Haas poses in a record store for her friend, who took her senior photos for her.

Lily Haas: Motivated to Succeed

Isabel Howell, Staff Writer April 7, 2024

Lily Haas is the definition of hardworking. She keeps herself busy and dedicates herself to everything she participates in, including Biomed, tennis, and marching band. Her younger peers look up to her...

Isabel wears her letterman jacket while posing for her senior photos.

A story worth telling

Sierra Sanchez, Staff Writer April 7, 2024

Kind, caring, smart, and bubbly. All of these words can be used to describe senior Isabel Howell. English has always been Isabel’s favorite subject. Ever since she was a kid she has enjoyed reading...

I Matter is all about embracing your true self and being who you really want to be.

If You Need Help, Remember I Matter

Emma Phillips, Sports Editor March 26, 2024

One of Colorado's most important mental health programs might soon disappear. I Matter, a youth resource program providing mental health services to teens across the state, will run out of funding by July,...

Jonathan Madera smiles at the camera for his senior photos in the beautiful outdoors. Jonathan is a multisport athlete who sets the bar high for other competing athletes by his actions. as he excels in and out of the classroom, in addition to being a great friend and mentor to others.

JONATHAN MADERA: Leading by Action

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Copy Editor March 17, 2024

In sports, the head of a team is the leader, acting as a captain who directs the team to victory. Then there's the muscle of the team, the one or two players who are unstoppable physical powerhouses that...

Ben Nugent brings his knowledge and passion for anthropology and shares it with the kids in his group.

Students Dig Anthropology Club

Philimon Sang, Staff Writer March 5, 2024

After-school clubs are not only a place to hang out; they are also places where students can develop their social skills, maturity, and even academic performance. It provides them with a free, safe space...

Tatum Sanders: Running Head First Into the Future

Tatum Sanders: Running Head First Into the Future

Griffin Baldwin, Staff Writer March 3, 2024

Senior Tatum Sanders is very well know for how fast and sharp he is both on and off the field. Tatum is only one of Fredericks star running backs. He’s the friend that you can turn to for a laugh or...

CU Boulder

Colorado Has a College Dropout Problem

Carson Birdsall, Staff Writer February 28, 2024

In the state of Colorado over 80 percent of people graduate from high school but for some reason its not the same case when it comes to graduating college. This is most likely the cause of a few key factors.  One...

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