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The Student News Site of Frederick High School

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The Student News Site of Frederick High School

Frederick Lantern

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Frederick Admin Passes Away

Ryley Anderson, Staff Writer January 25, 2023

On January 13, Frederick High Assistant Principal Doug Jackson lost his battle with cancer at the age of 54. As the longest-serving administrator at Frederick High, Mr. Jackson inspired countless young...

The Final Scout Story

The Final Scout Story

Scout Editors May 31, 2022

This is the last article that The Frederick Scout will publish. Over the past year and a half, some incredible changes have come to Frederick High. We have a new principal who brought on new grading...

What will the new school logo be? The Scout has your first look right here!

FIRST LOOK: What the Warriors Will Become

Joshua Bailey, Editor in Chief February 16, 2022

We are the Warriors. But we will be the Golden Eagles. On Monday, Frederick's principal Dr. Russell Fox got final approval for Frederick High's new school logos, which will start to be used almost...

Demon imps Millie, Blitzo, and Moxxie enter an old building to fulfill one of their assassin contracts in the adult animated series Helluva Boss. The animated series about demonic hitmen has exploded in popularity over the past six months, making it one of the most popular channels on YouTube. While very bloody and very shocking, Helluva Boss is also very well made, very well acted, and very entertaining overall.

Helluva Boss is Helluva Show

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief November 20, 2021

The past few years have been great for adult animation. From Rick and Morty blowing up to the success of Bojack Horseman on Netflix, it seems that cartoons for adults are everywhere. Yet one of the most...

Dr. Brian Young poses with Dr. Russell Fox after SVVSD Deputy Superintendent Dr. Jackie Kapushion announced their new job titles: Dr. Young will be the new principal of Mead High School, while Dr. Fox will be the new principal of Frederick High.

Frederick High Gets New Principal

Brandon Coon, Staff Adviser June 7, 2021

On Monday morning, SVVSD Deputy Superintendant Dr. Jackie Kapushion announced to the staff of Frederick High that the principalship of their school would change. Dr. Brian Young is stepping down as principal...

Jostens is an overpriced grad shop that likely scams its customers.

Jostens Just Isn’t Worth It

Sarah Hayes, Staff Writer November 16, 2020

Every year toward the end of October and the start of November, all students get to see the fancy little Jostens stand come to Frederick and see flyers posted throughout the hallways. Class rings. Graduation...

The eggs and dairy shelves of the Firestone King Soopers, my workplace and possibly your grocery store, taken on April 22. Shelves at stores are still empty more than a month after the pandemic started. Im here to explain what is going on with our inventory and when will the shelves will be full again.

Not a Square to Spare

Damien Gonzales, Staff Writer April 23, 2020

Can you imagine what a grocery store looks like with full shelves anymore? It's been six weeks since COVID-19 started disrupting our everyday lives. That week saw a rush on grocery stores, and things...

Jacob Wiegert and the Frederick Senior Class of 2018 get instructions before walking out onto the field for Graduation. Losing a graduation ceremony is one of the many fear that the Senior Class of 2020 is grappling with amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Senior Sadness

Aria Bragalone, Staff Writer March 26, 2020

COVID-19 is shutting down everything. First, pro sports were canceled, followed by our own CHSAA activities. Then the school closed its doors and we moved to online classes. Now, as of yesterday, everyone...

The new profile picture for Frederick Highs social media. Be sure to subscribes for the latest news as Frederick weathers the COVID-19 shutdown.

Schools are Closed, but the Scout Will Keep Watch

Brandon Coon, Ella Berrend, and Aria Bragalone March 13, 2020

We are living in an unprecedented time. A global pandemic has spilled into a humanitarian crisis, leaving thousands dead across the world and shutting down entire countries. Yet unlike the pandemics of...

The TikTok app has opened the door for people to share their favorite secret recipes to other people looking for a new drink.

Are the Starbucks Drinks on Tik Tok Worth the Hype?

Taylor Dunlap, Staff Writer February 28, 2020
If you're one of the millions of people on Tik Tok, you’ve probably seen one or two videos regarding the 'off-menu' drinks you can order at your local Starbucks.

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