Schools are Closed, but the Scout Will Keep Watch


Frederick Scout

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We are living in an unprecedented time. A global pandemic has spilled into a humanitarian crisis, leaving thousands dead across the world and shutting down entire countries. Yet unlike the pandemics of the past, we have technology at the tips of our fingers that can connect us to everyone. While we isolate ourselves in our homes, we have never been more connected to one another and the community.

That’s why The Frederick Scout will keep updating our site with articles and bulletins like this throughout and after the school shutdown. While there are hundreds of different news sources on what’s going on from national news to television, we hope to connect to what is happening in the Frederick community, from how many boxes of tissues are still available at the King Soopers on Colorado Blvd. (zero) to updates on when class may be back in session. We will also break up the monotony of COVID-19 coverage with book reviews, movie lists, and other content to brighten your day.

To keep us all connected, we just launched a Facebook page (@frederickscoutnews) and Instagram (@frederickscoutnews) in addition to our Twitter (@frederickscout). We will be making updates soon, so make sure to follow us for more coverage as the school shutdown continues. Stay safe!