Finding Lost Treasures

Outer banks season three searching for lost treasures.

Ailyn Ponce, Staff Writer

Season three of Outer banks just came out on Netflix on February 23, 2023, the new season is filled with a lot of action, drama, suspense, and even some heartbreak. They left us at the edge of our seats last season and they’re back this season to surprise us and again!

The show takes place in the outer banks of North Carolina, John B played by Chase Stokes, and his three other friends (JJ played by Rudy Pankow, Kiara played by Madison Bailey, and Pope played by Jonathan Daviss) seek the lost treasure which is related to his father’s death. There are two wealth classes in the outer banks: there are the pogues which are the working class of the island and the kooks are the wealthy class. The pogues are successful in finding the treasures in both seasons one and two but they always seem to lose it one way or another and Ward Cameron played by Charles Esten is always responsible for it. His daughter Sarah Cameron played by Madelyn Cline rebels against him and helps John B and his friends find the gold and other treasures; she’s a kook but she soon realizes that she much rather be a pogue.

In season three the pogues eventually give up on their other treasures and search for the lost city of El Dorado in South America, it’s difficult for them to stay on the island after being gone for so long and they decide they have nothing to lose so they all decide to go. This season is very action-packed, there are many fights and near-death experiences, they are always running from something but they always find a way to get out of those bad situations, which is good for our viewing pleasure; there are also tragedies but I think that’s why it’s worth watching because its not as predictable as season one and two. 

The acting work in season three is good they know how to show emotion when it’s necessary although I will say that sometimes they sound too rehearsed or forced but that only happens maybe once or twice, besides that I really enjoyed watching the new season, the camera and sound quality is good; they get the best shots and they get the actors emotions at the right time.

Recommend watching the new season of Outer banks, if you enjoy fast pace films and action this is worth watching. They left off with a different ending as they usually do and I enjoyed that as well as the romance.