Snap Away from Reality

Snapchat’s new artificial intelligence can bring you a new invented friend


Courtesy of Pixabay

AI bots are arriving at a shocking pace and have now made a home at Snapchat. These AI bot generate conversation, art, and writing at near-human levels. Here’s the proof: this image was AI generated by artist Alexandra Koch.

Ailyn Ponce, Staff Writer

There has recently been a new feature added on Snapchat called AI. AI is Snapchat’s own artificial intelligence it says it’s your friend you can have a normal conversation with and you can ask it questions and it will answer them much like Chat GPT, which is powered by Chat GPT it’s the same thing just on Snapchat.

Snapchat AI came out in April but Chat GPT’s initial release was in November of last year and its’ new stable release was in March of this year just a month before snap chats AI tool, many people have been using Chat GPT specifically because it can generate and write papers, essays, poems, etc. Snapchat’s version however is a bit different but it’s still the same concept. This new AI tool was very unexpected for all Snapchat users because there wasn’t anyone talking about it until it was added, this tool was initially just meant for Snapchat Plus, so there isn’t too much information as or why they added it to regular Snapchat but now its available for all users.

This AI tool is very helpful, it talks to people like a friend would as it answers your questions, it gives you advice, and it can help you write poems, emails, and essays as I mentioned before. Many students seem to like it because of that although many were confused about it they seem to like it now, and they use it more frequently with school work, many teachers don’t seem to like it because some students copy and paste its exact words and it’s easy to tell when you are using it but it’s okay to get the information you need as long as you use your own words. Snapchat’s AI feature doesn’t just chat with you and answer your questions you can customize its bitmoji avatar, edit its name, and add it to group chats, it can also recommend AR filters to use on Snapchat, or even places to visit on Snap Map.

It’s hard to tell that you are messaging with an AI because it answers fast and knows how to maintain a conversation like a human would. As much as Snapchat’s AI tool is helpful there are some risks about it because it is trained on a wide range of data online and it can spread inaccurate information and it has the potential to respond to users inappropriately besides that there haven’t been reports of AI being “unsafe.” Even if you don’t want AI on your Snapchat there doesn’t seem to be a way to remove it or even block it, parents have had concerns about it as well but it shouldn’t be a problem.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel says that he sees the technology as “an awesome creative tool” he seems to like it and uses it as well which is a good thing for other users, recently in a blog post Snapchat acknowledged that “My AI is far from perfect but we’ve made a lot of progress.” It’s good that they came out with this statement because it’s true and they still have much room to improve this new AI tool, and if they see errors along the way Snapchat will hopefully soon fix it.