Questionable AI intelligence

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Ailyn Ponce, Staff Writer

Chat GPT is a relatively new online tool that interacts and chats with you in a conversational way, chat GPT stands for chat generative pre-trained transformer. It answers your questions by generating text responses based on input text and it’s programmed on a huge amount of data information.

Its initial release was on November 30th of last year but its stable release was on March 23rd of this year, the founder of Chat GPT is Sam Altman, which says that he wants users to think of Chat GPT as a “co-pilot” someone who can help you problem solve, write substantial computer code, or even just have a regular conversation with. 

Many people have been using this tool because it has the ability to generate papers, essays, songs, and emails for people. Although it does seem to give people different answers it can be easy to tell when you are using it and you can be caught cheating so it’s not necessarily recommended to be used for school papers because it’s considered cheating and it wouldn’t benefit students in the end, but it’s still okay to ask it questions regarding school work as long as you’re not coping and pasting it’s exact words.

Although Chat GPT is a great tool there have been some questions and concerns about it, Altman admitted in an interview that he is “a little bit scared” of the AI potential he also said it can “eliminate” human jobs which is interesting, it has also been said that there could be data concerns and that it could produce harmful and biased answers. It’s concerning that this is a security threat because it can be used to impersonate humans and have human-like conversations; knowing all the technological advances this isn’t too surprising to many but the potential it’s alarming. 

Chat GPT got lots of attention due to its abilities but it also helped renew much competition with other tech companies to make new AI tools in their own products much like Snapchat’s new AI feature. Chat GPT is a very helpful tool even with its concerns, it has an advanced ability to have a normal conversation with you and it’s pretty hard to tell that it’s artificial intelligence but it’s great for helping you out with school work as well as other things, although the new technology is appealing and also alarming it’s interesting to see it improve.