Mario Movie One-Ups the Competition

’80s to 2000s kids are in for a treat with the Super Mario Bros movie

Emma Phillips, Sports Editor

Growing up, everyone played the Super Mario games and everyone loved the Mario and Luigi duo. I was so anxious about going into the movie theater to watch this new animated adaptation of its source material by Illumination. Believe it or not The Super Mario Bros Movie was a great movie. It was incredible. It was so fun to watch and everyone watching seemed to have loved the movie from beginning to end. The hilarious humor is what makes this film the funniest movie, while the action offers frantic excitement with a lot of energetic momentum. When you’re sitting in the seat reclining back, eating popcorn, it brings you back to your childhood. 


Everyone knows Mario and Luigi. But this film was able to dive into their real lives outside the “video game” showing their family and going from job to job. The dynamic duo did not disappoint and the viewers couldn’t get enough of the two. (IMDb) is 

As for the story, i think we all knew what the story was going to be about walking into the movie theater, considering that many of the viewers grew up with the Mario Bros. Adults and kids who were born several years ago will definitely enjoy this simple but refreshing good-vs-evil plot that unfolds themes of perseverance, friendship, family relationships and great themes all around. What was especially appealing about the story is that, when Mario tries new things, visit new places, and meets new people, I began to realize that this is an origin story about how Mario became the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, before all of the games were made where Mario saves Princess Peach from Bowser. The animation is vibrantly colorful, nicely designed, and has lots of sprightly energy to keep both kids and adults engaged. In the movie theater, it wasn’t just kids, adults were sitting on the edge of their seats laughing like they were 12 years old again. 


At first Princess Peach wasn’t so satisfied with Mario and his capabilities. But after time she finally warmed up and got more confident that he could accomplish whatever he wants. (IMDb)

Each and every characters were entertaining, fleshed-out with exposition, and they are portrayed differently in a more faithful way. The voice cast reflects the characterizations superbly, it matches the characters so well. Chris Pratt makes Mario sound insecure, cocky, and confident. Charlie Day makes a great Luigi, from being excitable to terrified. The relationship between Mario and Luigi is utterly agreeable to watch. They have fun with each other, they are happy with each other, and they will never let anything bad happen to them. Princess Peach is a likable princess with a convincing personality and amusing facial expressions. Keegan Michael Key is fun as he plays Toad with a high adventurous spirit. Seth Rogen strikes at an effective fusion of rage and humor as the voice of Donkey Kong. I was both intimidated and amused by the tyrannical Bowser with his menacing presence and campy personality. Jack Black’s deep, growly, boisterous voice makes Bowser sound ferocious, Bowser was amazing. A light blue Luma star creates a mysteriously creepy presence with a soft and innocent voice performance by a child and dark dialogue.

Everyone knows the Mario and Princess Peach dynamic. But this firm was able to show sort of the beginning of everything and why Mario needed to save Peach from Bowser. It was really refreshing and interesting to be able to see that backstory we’ve all been wanting to know about. (IMDb)


The most fun I have ever had from a movie in a while from start to finish, the direction is constantly brilliant, the energy is dynamic with rollicking results, and the versatile voice talent matches the pleasing characterizations. Highly recommended to go watch this amazing movie as soon as you can.