Welcome to Eden a Welcome Surprise

Welcome too Eden your not coming out of the island

Krystal Tschida, Staff Writer


Stream it or skip it? This show is originally Spanish and is translated too English for the content of viewers. Let’s rewind for a minute and go back to season 1, Zoa gets invited to Eden (her friend does not). They are not allowed there phones on the island so nobody has a trace of them. They target a bunch of people with trama ranging rom like 14- 30  and they get invited to Eden. Now what is Eden if your asking Eden is a island that they hop on a boat too get too  

When zoa and Judith arrived at Eden but little did they know this would be the las 24 hours they would spend with each other
Amaia Aberasturi as Zoa (right) with Ana Mena as Judith in Welcome to Eden LUCIA FARAIG/NETFLIX


Each individual invited too Eden received a text message saying how wonderful it was saying how it was basically a life of a party and a promotion too try there new drink called Blue eden but what they dident know is that it put people too sleep ( they did not advertise that), it was a drug but it was only given too the people with blue rist bands. Everybody else got the opportunity too leave while they could back home and well the others will be trapped there forever… this is a key event because everybody on this island for the most part is trapped against there will except fort the people who are level twos- 3’s and they have tattoos and get the idea of how too run the idea but they are in charge of telling people what too do and if people make a mistake they kill them. There is also something called a link that the owners of the island personally link they link the people who are not forced on the island too the people who are forced on the island too each other too try and convince them too stay.

Zoa getting the “are you okay text message” and getting invited to Eden
From buzzfeed

Now lets skip back too season 2, Zoa has been trapped on the island for about 3-4 months now and her family is beginning too wonder where she is at with her not picking up her phone and the random texts being sent (zoa does not have her phone they took it in the beginning). A private investigator was looking for ibon because his father got a weird text from this bot too saying something like “ i need a break from you dad I can’t be around you right now im exploring my self and my lifestyle” Zoa’s little sister also received a message similar too this something like “i need some time too my self and you know how much i love you, i hope you will understand and then used a nickname that only zoa used for her. Zoas little sister Gaby goes on a search too find her but ends up becoming too close too her sister because she is missing her and cuts her hair like her and even goes after the same boy as her crazy right, but the moral is she became too attached to Eden that she created a instagram and got herself to Eden where she met (ZOA) YES HER SISTER. She got too see her sister again but her sister was mad she came too come find her because you can’t leave.

This is zoa crying because her link told her that the owners of the island killed her best friend because she was not originally welcome to eden Sergio Momo as Nico (left) with Amaia Abertasturi as Zoa in Welcome to Eden. LUCIA FARAIG/NETFLIX

Its an incredibly diverse and inclusive show with an entertaining plot and a great cast. This is such an amazing show and I watched all 2 seasons within 5 days. Its one of the best shows i have seen on Netflix in a long time. I give it a 5 star rating