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The Student News Site of Frederick High School

Frederick Lantern

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Abigail Is a Bloody Treat

Film about a vampire ballerina spins minds with thrill
Universal Pictures
Vampire bailarina takes action in a new thrilling film.

Abigail is a horror movie where Alisha Weir, who previously played Matilda in “Matilda,” plays the vampire ballerina who terrorizes her kidnappers. This movie was directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, who had previously worked on Ready or Not and Scream (2022). The movie is excellent and is a great watch, although it is very gory with things like explosions of blood.

The story of the movie is alright and nothing special. It has a very simple plot in which kidnappers kidnap the daughter of a very rich man who happens to be a vampire, and they soon have to find a way to deal with this threat. Although I do like how they present information in the movie, like having the audience get to know the characters in the beginning by having the main character pick up clues to describe each character or how the environmental story telling starts to unravel the story, Another great thing about the story is its ability to still make a well-known monster like the vampires feel like a massive threat. I think this is thanks to the movie establishing that the actual rules of vampires are uncertain, like in the scene where garlic and the cross don’t work.

The action in the movie was thrilling and was able to effectively show how much stronger the vampires are compared to humans. Then, a great final fight scene happens that is well choreographed and also has my favorite moment in the movie with the neck break scene. But something I did not like was the ending, which felt kind of rushed with a lot of things being introduced at breakneck speeds, and I don’t think Abigail would make the decisions she did in the ending compared to the rest of the film. Also, I think showing Abigail’s dad was a bad decision because it ruins the mystique of the character.

The characters are actually really good, but while they are flawed, the movie is able to humanize them enough to make you want them to survive. Abigail is very good for a villain, with some great moments like her telling the main cast that she’s just playing with them, and the way she dances adds to the creepiness factor. Joey is pretty cool personality-wise, and her parrals to Abigail’s father. The movie was also able to make Acteur so hateable, but you can make it so you still want him to live since he’s vital to the group.So Abigail is a great film that has the vibes of a B movie but with a high budget. I think if you’re looking for a good gorey movie or just a funny watch, that’s great. I strongly recommend this movie to most people.

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Kendan Cartwright
Kendan Cartwright, Staff Writer
Kendan is a sophomore who is new to the Lantern staff. Kendan enjoys covering movies and TV shows and can often be found at Frederick's Board Game Club. When not reporting for the Lantern, they like to hang out with their family, play board games, and watch horror movies.

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