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The Student News Site of Frederick High School

Frederick Lantern

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Fallout Is Outstanding

Fallout is the newest show created Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan.

The Fallout TV show, created by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, takes place in the world of the Fallout video games. It is looking to be a very promising show thanks to its amazing first episode, which is able to both establish the setting of the show and introduce the main cast in a good way while also being a very enjoyable watch.

A strong point of the episode is its ability to build tension. The beginning of the episode starts with a birthday party that is able to tell the viewer multiple things about the world without them feeling like too much information is being dumped onto them by using character conversations. The tensity of this scene is excellent thanks to the show being able to slowly give the viewer more information about the coming events in the world through the TV and conversations. Also, the scene with the nuke and it slowly getting bigger was really great. Another good example of it building tension is when Maximus was being interrogated and the Brotherhood of Steel Knight kept pacing behind.

The characters were also really interesting to get to know as the episode went on. Lucy was very likeable, which makes the plot twist inside the vault a lot sadder. Also, it is going to be interesting to watch a character who is not familiar with the world. The Ghoul also looks very cool and is introduced in a really great way, which makes you think about what he was spending his time doing before the show. Although Maximus is the character I’m most excited to see more of, thanks to how interesting his character is and how flawed he is. However, some things I don’t like are the action scenes because they feel unbelievably unexciting to watch, and it’s not just in the more close combat fights; also, the gunfights are kind of boring to watch as well, but they probably will be more thrilling in later episodes. Another thing I didn’t like was all the slow-motion scenes. There were like 3 of them, and each time it felt like the scene was slow for too long or just did not need to happen.

All in all, Fallout is a great show to watch, whether you’re a fan or not. The series is able to introduce things without suffering from information overload, and the series is also very binge-worthy, with all 8 episodes out now.

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Kendan Cartwright
Kendan Cartwright, Staff Writer
Kendan is a sophomore who is new to the Lantern staff. Kendan enjoys covering movies and TV shows and can often be found at Frederick's Board Game Club. When not reporting for the Lantern, they like to hang out with their family, play board games, and watch horror movies.

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