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The Student News Site of Frederick High School

Frederick Lantern

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Be Careful For What You Wish For

Maddie thinks she knows what she wants, but will it actually work out?
Irish Wish starring Lindsay Lohan is a romcom movie with a twisted love story

Irish Wish is a romcom movie about a girl named Maddie who falls in love with Paul, a guy she works with. Before she can tell him she loves him her best friend Emma starts dating him. They get married quickly and they have their wedding in Ireland. While they are in Ireland, they go to a lake to have a calming boat ride a few days before the wedding. Maddie splits off from the group to go take a walk and finds herself sitting on a stone bench. When she sits down a lady appears and tells her that the stone bench is made for wishing, Maddie doesn’t believe her at first but she tells the lady her wish anyways. Maddie wishes that she was the one marrying Paul. All of a sudden Maddie wakes up in a bed and she realizes her wish came true, however things go horribly wrong. 

Maddie sitting on the stone bench without knowing her life will be changed in minutes (Netflix)

 Maddie realizes that marrying Paul might come with consequences, which she deals with since she has wanted to marry Paul for a while. She meets another guy who they hire to be the photographer for the wedding and they get rained in and have to stay the night in a hotel. They have some energy between them while they are stuck in a tavern. This is when Maddie realizes that maybe she shouldn’t be marrying Paul. While Maddie and James are stuck in the tavern, Paul and Emma start to have chemistry as well. Maddie tries to find the wish lady to unwish her wish but she can’t find her. 

 Finally, on the day of her wedding she stands up in front of the crowd during the ceremony and says she can’t marry Paul because she knows Emma and Paul are the ones who should be getting married. She goes back to the stone bench and the lady reappears and she tells her she doesn’t want this wish anymore. The lady tells her she can’t help her and vanishes leaving Maddie alone. She has to believe in herself, and concentrate on making her life back to normal. She concentrates on what she wants and her life goes back to normal.

Things getting heated after Maddie says she can’t marry Paul (Netflix)

 This movie had potential, but I feel like it got dragged on a little bit. The actors that were chosen to portray the characters fit well. The movie had a good lesson, it shows that sometimes the things we want don’t work out no matter how much we want them too. Maddie thinks marrying Paul would be happy endings and fairytales when it’s not and that Emma and Paul were made better for each other. 

 I would recommend this movie to someone who romcom movies. Overall the movie is like a 6.5/10. The plot line was good, the casting and acting was good, but it was a little boring throughout the movie. It could be better but it wasn’t bad.

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Kaylee Ledgerwood, Staff Writer
Kaylee is a freshman who is not just new to Frederick High but to the Lantern staff as well. In her spare time, she likes to read, listen to music, and hang out with her friends.

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