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The Student News Site of Frederick High School

Frederick Lantern

The Student News Site of Frederick High School

Frederick Lantern

Valentines Day Cookies

A Sprinkle Of Love

Lena Siscoe, Staff Writer February 13, 2022

Looking for Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies that add an extra sprinkle of love? This sugar cookie recipe is perfect for Valentine’s Day or any occasion! The best part about these cookies is they are...

The poultry industry has a growing alarm over the chicken shortage with National Chicken Council spokesman Tom Super saying there was a “very tight supply but short of a shortage.”

Where’s My Chicken Wings?

Lena Siscoe, Staff Writer May 22, 2021

The demand for chicken has skyrocketed amid the coronavirus. Americans including myself turning to comfort foods and buying more chicken such as sandwiches or wings from fast-food restaurants like KFC,...

Charles Juarez, Kayla Lorimer, and Jacob Noyes just before rehearsing for the Frederick musical, Working. The mask mandate may be lifting, but activities are still requiring masks so the actors and athletes can still do what they love.

Near the End of the Colorado Mask Mandate

Lena Siscoe, Staff Writer April 23, 2021

Gov. Jared Polis on Friday, April 02 finalized his decision to ease the state’s mask mandate starting on Saturday, allowing people to ditch their face coverings in the vast majority of public indoor...

Here’s the logo for people who have gotten vaccinated for COVID-19. The ages of people who can get it are slowly trickling down, but now it’s finally available to those who are 16+.

Don’t Just Sit There! Go get your COVID-19 Vaccine Its Open To 16+

Lena Siscoe, Staff Writer April 14, 2021

Coloradans 16 and older will be eligible for the Pfizer vaccine, and those 18 and older will also be eligible for the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. The state has been planning to open vaccine...

Cursing Emoji

What Can You Do About Frederick High Schools’ Cursing Problem?

Lena Siscoe, Staff Writer April 9, 2021

Many people speak in foul language so often they don’t even realize it. But when do we start to notice the foul language? It has been brought to attention at Frederick High School that we may or may...

Toyota Corolla

Are You A Teen Wanting Affordable Car Insurance?

Lena Siscoe, Staff Writer March 30, 2021

Teens in Colorado are at a disadvantage when it comes to car insurance. Insurance companies skyrocket the rates for teen drivers. By raising the rates, insurance companies are making it difficult for teens...

Kylie Posing For Senior Photos! (Courtesy of Kylie Rosine)

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Lensational Kylie

Lena Siscoe, Staff Writer March 28, 2021

The camera flashes, and viola! You have another Kylie Rosine Original. Kylie is a senior at Frederick High School. She is a photographer and has a beautiful photography account on Instagram. Kylie has...

Mia The Mini Golden Doodle

If You’re Cold, They’re Cold Too

Lena Siscoe, Staff Writer March 10, 2021

Chilly weather is headed towards Colorado over the next few months. Temperatures below 0° and in the low single digits are to be expected. Denver Animal Protection is reminding Colorado residents that...

Books In Frederick’s Library On Black History

How Frederick Is Promoting Black History Month

Lena Siscoe, Staff Writer February 8, 2021

February is Black History Month. Black History Month is an annual celebration of accomplishments by African Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. history. Here are some ways that...

Frederick Swim Team Competition Against Greeley West

Frederick High School Diving Into Something New

Lena Siscoe, Staff Writer February 3, 2021

This semester Frederick High School has a new addition to the athletics curriculum! We dipped our toes into the water, ended up diving in, and came out with a Frederick swim team!  Frederick high school...

Joe Gardener and 22 in New York

Soul Review- Will You Begin to Question How You’re Living Your Life?

Lena Siscoe, Staff Writer January 20, 2021

On Friday, December 25, 2020, Disney’s newest animated film Soul hit its platform with a powerful message to viewers. The film starring Daveed Diggs, Jamie Foxx, and Tina Fey intrigues viewers throughout...

Frederick High School Students 6ft Apart During Hybrid Learning

How Frederick Students Will Miss Online Learning

Lena Siscoe, Staff Writer January 18, 2021

On August 18, Frederick High School implemented an online learning system for students to begin the 2020-2021 school year. Students of Frederick High School have been using the online learning system until...

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