Co-Ed Volleyball Mixes It Up

A new homecoming tradition, Co-Ed Volleyball started rough but ended great


Mason Faulkner

“B Team” laughs while playing in their volleyball bracket at Wednesday’s Co-Ed Volleyball game. B Team advanced all the way into the final four, winning against underclassmen and teachers alike. While this event had hiccups, it proved to be a great new homecoming tradition.

On Wednesday, the student council sponsored a co-ed volleyball game in honor of homecoming week. This was more organized as a tournament rather than just singular games. Each team played in brackets and advanced as they won their games until it was just the final two teams. These games also gave everyone a chance to earn more Freddy cup points for their grade class. 

In total, ten teams participated. The freshman and sophomore teams didn’t do too well–they all got knocked out early leaving the upperclassmen and teacher team to finish the games. Sophomore Michael Poydok and his team 6 Amigos made it into the quarter-finals. After asking what he thought about the event, he said, “I thought it was super fun because we had practice and we took it seriously and had a blast.” 

This isn’t to say the underclassmen were the only ones struggling. The competition was real. Even the teachers were putting everything on the line. Junior Kennedy Rhodes and her teammates on The Squad only won one game. Still, Kennedy told us that “it was funny because we got destroyed. We felt as though they should have made a loser bracket.”

This working together was the whole point of this new event, which was designed to replace Powderpuff Football. Senior Kinley Lindhardt, who was the main organizer of the whole co-ed volleyball tournament said, “It was super fun, everyone was having a good time and it was super fun to see the teachers play.”

Kinley’s team Untouchabllz made it into the final four with the three other teams Squad Ghouls, B Team, and Team Awesome Teachers. Kinley’s team happened to make it to the finals along with the team Squad Ghouls. But unfortunately, her team came in second place. 

As a spectator, these games were very fun to watch–they were entertaining and everyone was a good sport and rooting for each other whether they were losing or winning.  Overall, the co-ed volleyball game was nothing but fun. Everybody was involved and working as one. Nothing but good vibes and happiness were floating around the gym that night.