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The dangerous difference between 30 milligrams of Heroin equivalent to 3 milligrams of Fentanyl. It only takes a little bit of Fentanyl to begin an overdoes. Spread awareness!
Don't Fall to Fentanyl
Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Staff Writer • May 18, 2022

What if I told you there is another epidemic going on which hasn’t received the same...

The wind is going insane
When Will The Wind End?
Alexis Otterbein, Staff Writer • May 10, 2022

“It's so damn windy I can’t even drive straight,” said Robert Allen, one of many...

Frederick High Senior Quinn McNeill addresses the new members of National Honor Society at the latest induction ceremony. Tuesdays event was the first to take place in over two years due to the restrictions that COVID-19 brought to large events.
Frederick High Hosts First Pre-COVID NHS Induction
Owen Willis, Staff Writer • May 10, 2022

For as long as anyone can remember, Frederick High School has sponsored a chapter of the...

Girls Golf Has Much to Offer
Track Season Running With Full Head Of Steam
The High Price To Play
Music Man will premier on April 21st
Big Parts for Small Actors
Kaya Paluda, Staff Writer • April 7, 2022

Bringing the community together is something that Frederick loves to do and is a constant...

Juniors Micah Witler and Rylee Loramer explain all the “ins and outs” of building  and creating a set. Micah says “The tours have been great. It’s been really fun getting to see middle schoolers who are actually interested in [all parts of] theatre and not just the on stage [work]. Set work, which is what we are here, we’re behind the scenes.“ Micah and Rylee are both usually on stage but they both enjoy helping out stage tech and getting to build parts of the set and be part of this aspect.
The Best Kind of Middle School Drama
Jillian Margheim, Editorial Manager • April 2, 2022

Frederick Theatre students singing about being Iowa Stubborn during the Music Man sitzprobe. While (according to Mr. Brown) the show will be around two hours long, the sitzprobe lasted from 1:30 to 6:00. Thats how much time it takes to tighten everything up between the singers and the musicians.
Sitting through the Sitzprobe
Jillian Margheim, Editorial Manager • March 22, 2022

One of the most difficult performances a theatre department can pull off is a musical....

Scout Editors July 1, 2022

The Last Byline
Kaya Paluda, Staff Writer • May 29, 2022

With the year coming to an end, that means that the journalism staff is going to be losing some seniors. This year, with the graduating class of '22, we are going to be losing...

Nina Palmer has been top of her class since the very beginning but that has never held her back from making sure to work hard and stay consistent.
Kaya Paluda, Staff Writer • May 15, 2022

Being at the top of your class is always a huge accomplishment, but for Nina Palmer, it's just something she’s always been able to do. Nina was # 2 in her freshman year's...

The Journalism table at station 4, everything clubs, sports, and fun classes. Starring Jillian Margheim and Kaya Paluda.
2022 Incoming Freshman Day
Jillian Margheim, Managing Editor • April 28, 2022

Every year our school hosts an incoming Freshman day. It’s a day where 8th graders from schools all over the district come and get to see all the awesome things Frederick...

“I dont celebrate Cinco De Mayo because I feel like its not important to me and my family. As a family we don’t really celebrate it because it doesnt root from Mexico, but from the United States wanting to be culturally aceepting.” Said (Sophmore) Maria Diaz
The Unimportance of Cinco de Mayo
Julissa Solorzano, Social Media Manager • May 5, 2022

When we think of Cinco de Mayo we automatically think of México, but what about México “It’s Mexico’s Independence Day” said (Sophmore) Alexis Otterbein. Many times...

This year students are noticing more and more that teachers are behind and just overall not grading the assignments that students are turning in. This is resulting in conflict and is making students annoyed with how their grades look because of the lack of work teachers seem to be doing.
Why hasn’t my grade changed?
Alexis Otterbein, Staff Writer • April 20, 2022
Actor Jennifer Lopez played the main role as Selena in the film. “With a positive attitude, you can be anything you want to be.” Selena Quintanilla Pérez.
Remembering the Queen
Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Staff Writer • April 6, 2022
Kenvin Gates displayed some very cool graphics throughout the whole show which was one of the many factors that attracted the audience.
A “Really Really” Good Concert
Jillian Margheim, Managing Editor • May 4, 2022
The newest album from The Red Hot Chili Peppers has fans on their toes with the anticipation and excitement they have for this much awaited album. The album also is the first time in many years the whole band has been reunited and it clearly shines through.
The Band is Back Together
Kaya Paluda, Staff Writer • April 27, 2022
The cover of the Lumineers latest album “BRIGHTSIDE”. this long witted album didn’t rise to its previous works with 9 missed opportunity’s.
Brightside Doesn't Really Shine
Jillian Margheim, Editorial Manager • March 7, 2022