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The Student News Site of Frederick High School

Frederick Lantern

The Student News Site of Frederick High School

Frederick Lantern

Ethan Ahlstrom posing beside one of his plant tables.

Senior Spotlight: A Passion for Plants

Sarah Hayes, Staff Writer April 25, 2021

For most high school students, especially Seniors, springtime usually means that we’re studying for final exams, finishing up school projects, and making plans for the next big steps in our lives. For...

Maddie and her favorite horse, Lucky

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: A Competitive Spirit

Sarah Hayes, Staff Writer April 18, 2021

Grasping the reigns of the competition is Madeline Chambers. This high school senior’s got a fun hobby of riding horses in her spare time and even competes in riding competitions. Chambers is a life-long...

Photo Courtesy of Shelby Smotzer

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Investigating College Life

Chandler Hoel, Staff Writer April 11, 2021

After high school, it feels like a whole new life you have to look forward to. New horizons to explore, a new you to find. For Senior Karlee Tosse, it’s going to be a new school in a whole new state....

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Ryan Chacon Running Toward His Future

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Ryan Chacon Running Toward His Future

Darlene Strange, Staff Writer April 4, 2021

Ryan Chacon is a senior here at Frederick High School and he just committed to a college for Cross Country. Ryan has been doing Cross Country for Frederick for 3 years of his high school career but knew...

Kylie Posing For Senior Photos! (Courtesy of Kylie Rosine)

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Lensational Kylie

Lena Siscoe, Staff Writer March 28, 2021

The camera flashes, and viola! You have another Kylie Rosine Original. Kylie is a senior at Frederick High School. She is a photographer and has a beautiful photography account on Instagram. Kylie has...

Abby Hazlet is a hardworking and kind hearted senior who is always down to have a fun time.

ABBY HAZLET: Smile For The Cameras

Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief March 21, 2021

Abby Hazlet is a senior at Frederick High School. Abby has talent, is full of joy, and is always down to have fun all the time. She’s somebody who you’re able to laugh with constantly, is kind-hearted,...

Kenna Tarnowski Senior Photo Source: Kenna Tarnowski

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: She Is Ready For The World!

George Murnock, Staff Writer March 7, 2021

Kenna Tarnowski is by far one of the most well-known students at Frederick High School. She has been involved in numerous activities and clubs that makes her so loveable. Kenna was born on December 9th,...

Trinity Metcalf is showing off her style in her senior photos with this blue puffy dress as she poses on a bridge for her senior photos.

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Walking Through High School In Style

Elicia Ramu, Editor February 28, 2021

Three words. Fashion, style, and Texas. Frederick High School senior Trinity Metcalf is a loving Texas-born and raised girl with a serious sense of fashion. Since day one of her high school career Trinity...

This is one of senior Michael Coaty’s senior photos. Michael is known around the school as being a drum captain and participating in school plays. Though, he’s also someone who takes care of seniors for his job.

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: A Senior Helping Seniors

Owen Etter, Staff Writer February 21, 2021

Perhaps one of the most dangerous tasks right now is helping out senior citizens who can’t do a lot on their own because their immune systems are incredibly weak. There are all sorts of precautions that...

Grace Stephenson is on her way to CSU

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Dreams Really Do Come True

Darlene Strange, Staff Writer January 17, 2021

Grace Stephenson recently got into her dream school, Colorado State University. This school is so close to her heart because she’s known she wanted to go there since she was a sophomore, she even knew...

Sophomore Joseph Villani is really good at sports. So much so, that he’s already getting scouts for college.

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: A Golden Opportunity

Collin Thompson, Staff Writer January 8, 2021

Joseph Villani is a sophomore at Frederick High School. He is a star pitcher for both our high school team and his competitive baseball team. Villani was recently invited to try out for the top team in...

Brayden Berringers 2021 Senior Photos.

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Brayden Berringer Has a Higher GPA Than You

George Murnock, Staff Writer December 27, 2020

Brayden Berringer is on track to be this year's valedictorian. Brayden Berringer was born on October 8th 2002 in Longmont Colorado, and ever since elementary school has always had this drive to be the...

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