Brayden Berringer

Brayden Berringers 2021 Senior Photos.

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Brayden Berringer Has a Higher GPA Than You

Senior Brayden Berringer explains how to work toward being valedictorian while sustaining a rich social life

Brayden Berringer is on track to be this year’s valedictorian. Brayden Berringer was born on October 8th 2002 in Longmont Colorado, and ever since elementary school has always had this drive to be the best student that he can no matter the obstacles, with that drive, Brayden has accomplished academic achievements that many didn’t even know were possible. He has also participated in multiple high school sports securing his popularity throughout all of Frederick. With me being his best friend I know what kind of person he is and how much he cares about being the most caring and hardworking individual he can be. That being said, I sat down and asked him a few questions about his high school career:


Frederick Scout: What is your biggest accomplishment that you’ve had while being at Frederick High School?


Brayden Berringer: “The biggest accomplishment that I’ve had at Frederick High School is learning how to challenge myself and what it’s worth to strive for the best I can do. Learning this lesson through athletics as well as academics is my greatest accomplishment, as I believe it will propel me in life and give me a mindset that will push me to do great things.” 


Frederick Scout: What sports have you played for Frederick and how long have you been playing them?


Brayden Berringer: “I played the sports of golf, baseball, and basketball for Frederick. I played golf my freshman year, and I’ve been playing basketball and baseball for the entirety of my high school career.” Brayden has also lettered in both basketball and baseball.


Frederick Scout: What’s your motivation for keeping at least a 4.0 gpa all four years of high school?


Brayden Berringer: “Maintaining a high GPA is not easy as many students at Frederick know. Sometimes it is very hard to stay motivated. The way that I’ve been able to remain motivated to keep a high GPA is because I have always wanted to excel in the things I do. I know that if I continue to challenge myself and work hard, it will be worth it.”


Frederick Scout: How much time out of school do you dedicate to getting assignments done each day?


Brayden Berringer: “Outside of school, I dedicate around three to four hours daily to assignments.”


Frederick Scout: What are your plans after high school?


Brayden Berringer: “I have been accepted into the Metropolitan State University of Denver where I will be majoring in Aviation or Electrical Engineering, I haven’t decided yet.”


Frederick Scout: Why did you choose that school?


Brayden Berringer: “I chose to go to MSU Denver because it is close to home, I love it here in Colorado, and I plan on sharing my college experience with my high school best friend who will also be attending there.”


Frederick Scout: Do you have any idea about what you will say in your commencement speech?


Brayden Berringer: “If I’m being honest, I haven’t thought about what I would say if I was given the honor to give the valedictorian speech. I know for a fact that there are plenty of other students that work just as hard as me that could very well be giving that speech. If I end up giving it, I would definitely recognize the strength of the class of 2021 and all the amazing things we’ve done despite COVID-19.”


Frederick Scout: If you could change one thing about your high school experience what would it be?


Brayden Berringer: “I do not think it’s fair to give one person the credit for helping me throughout my high school career, but rather a large group of people. I know for a fact that without the help and support of my friends and classmates I would not be where I am today. I am very grateful for the dynamic that lies between my peers and I. They have helped me in every aspect of my high school experience and I can’t thank them enough.”


Regardless if Brayden is our new valedictorian he definitely should be recognized for his amazing academic achievements and his overall thoughtfulness of his fellow peers. Brayden will be attending Metro University in the spring and I think I speak for all of Frederick High School when I say that we are excited to see Brayden Berringer thrive throughout the rest of his academic career.


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