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Grace Stephenson is on her way to CSU

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Dreams Really Do Come True

Grace Is Finally Fulfilling Her Dreams At CSU

Grace Stephenson recently got into her dream school, Colorado State University. This school is so close to her heart because she’s known she wanted to go there since she was a sophomore, she even knew her major. “I will be studying sociology and criminology. I picked sociology and criminology because I love learning about the brain and what goes on inside.” Said Grace. The reason she picked her major was because “In the long run I want to be a forensic psychologist and sociology and criminology are some of the bigger subjects that you need to learn.” She chose to not have a minor but to have a double major. When asked why this was her dream college grace said “Yes this was my dream school because it has everything I want in a college.”


Grace found out that she got into her dream college by receiving an email that said “you found your state”. Grace dreams to be a forensic psychologist and with all of the research she has done she found out that her majors will help her score that job in the future. When asked why she chose this specific school she responded with “I chose CSU because they have really good academics and everyone I know that goes there says it’s amazing!” Grace said that she visited the school but that wasn’t the deciding factor; it only helped a little in the decision process.


Grace is extremely excited to attend her dream school. She even said “I’ve never been so excited to take such a big step in my life and I can’t even think of the words to explain what I’m feeling.” We wish you all the best in your future to become a forensic psychologist.

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