The Rivalry Continues

Frederick triumphs over the Mavericks on the volleyball court


Hayden Delier

The FHS Rowdy Crowd holds up the Warrior “W” for a photo. The Rowdy Crowd is FHS’s student section at sporting events. They mainly kick into gear at the football and volleyball games.

Jillian Margheim, Staff Writer

On Thursday, the Frederick Warriors girls volleyball team traveled to Mead for one of the best games of the season. The final score was 3-2 with Frederick taking home the win over their longtime rivals… a rivalry that is still alive and well.

After the game, we caught up with Coach Robinson to hear her thoughts about the game. “I was so nervous, these girls have worked so hard. They were all saying this was going to be one of the highlight games of the season.” 

Frederick had the first two points, with the Maverick’s crowd (called the Barstool) going nuts with disappointment. Mead then answered with two  The last point made the game a nail-biter, but the Warriors killed it and got the winning point.

“We knew it was going to be tough and it was not going to come easy,” Coach Robinson told us. “We knew that they were going to fight for every point and they did. They didn’t give up and came out strong.” 

 It was clearly going to be a tense game after Dr. Young left Frederick last year to be principal at Mead. This awkward situation escalated the tension between the two schools. Even before the game, the feeling of competition was palpable. The game theme was country and the stands felt like an Old West showdown. Frederick went all out with their cowboy hats, jean shorts, boots, and bandanas for our packed Rowdy Crowd, but Mead’s Barstool answered back all our cheers with their own. The energy in the Maverick gym was incredible, especially after we won.

Coach Robinson was thrilled. “I am so proud of those girls. Holy cow, they kicked so much Maverick butt. They killed it.”