A “Really Really” Good Concert

Kevin Gates’s recent concert at red rocks has been a highlight for the spring concert season.


Jillian Margheim

Kenvin Gates displayed some very cool graphics throughout the whole show which was one of the many factors that attracted the audience.

Jillian Margheim, Managing Editor

On April 16th, 2022, famous rapper Kevin Gates visited Colorado at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater. Along with Kevin Gates, rappers Jack Boy, Young Nudy, and Gucci Mane who all opened for him. The show started at 6:30 pm, but the line to get in started to form around 4:00. Kevin Gates is from Louisiana and really started his music career in 2007. Kevin released his first song, “Kno One,” in late August of 2015. This was the first song to gain real attention. And it was only going up from there. His most popular album was “Islah”, which was released in 2016.

The show started off with some popular rap and pop music while people were still coming in. Shortly after that, Jack Boy opened first with three songs and then handed the mic off to Young Nudy, who played all of his top songs on Spotify, which included “EA” (featuring 21 Savage), “Hell Shell”, “The Race Remix”, “Yeah Yeah” and some songs from his new album DR.EV4L. After the openers got the crowd very hyped up and gave high energy the audience was just so ready for the main show. After Nudy finished his portion of the show, it was time for Gucci Mane. The crowd went wild when he played his top songs off of Spotify. The most well-known is “Wake Up in The Sky,” which was released in 2018 and featured Bruno Mars and Kodak Black. After that, he went over all of his other popular songs with some cool graphics and fog. The graphics throughout the whole concert is what really made it unique and so fun.

There was a brief 15-minute intermission, and after that it was time for the main attraction: Kevin Gates himself. He played “Thinking with My D—” (feat. Juicy J), “Really Really,” “2 Phones,” “Big Gangsta,” “Me Too,” “Dusa by FL Dusa” (feat. Kevin Gates), and more.

By this time, the crowd was so hyped. Most recently Kevin Gates and his song “Thinking with my D—-” went viral on Tik Tok which gave him a lot of recognition but this is not the only song that has gone viral on the app. Finally, Kevin ended with some inspirational talk about how he made it to where he is and how you don’t need anyone but yourself.