St. Vrain Valley Art Show

2022 Anual Art Show

Jillian Margheim, Managing Editor

Every year St. Vrain Valley schools come together to host a district wide art show. Kids from all schools get the chance to have their stuff on display for the public to see and they get the opportunity to win an award for it. This year it’s hosted at the Boulder County FairGrounds in Longmont. (9595 Nelson Road Longmont, CO 80501). The dates that were available to go and see the art were April 12-14th from 10:00 am-8:00 pm and April 15th from 10:00 am-3:30 pm. 


It goes all the way from Elementary level to High School level. The high schools that were featured were Frederick High School, Erie High School, Lyons Middle Senior High School, Longmont High School, Niwot High School, Silver Creek High School, Mead High School, and Skyline High School. These are all part of various feeder programs through the district such as the Frederick Feeder system, Erie Feeder System, Longmont Feeder system, Mead Feeder System, and more. 

Frederick students’ 3D art work display. Guitar Case done by Senior Jillian Margheim  (Jillian Margheim)
Macaw Parrot painting done by Senior Maggie Bruhn (Jillian Margheim )
Pen and Ink Sketchbook page done by Senior Joel Fryer (Jillian Margheim )
Acrylic on Canvas Done by Junior Abagail Read (Jillian Margheim)
2D artwork display done by various Frederick students using various media types. (Jillian Margheim )