2022 Incoming Freshman Day

A day for class of 2026 incoming Freshman to explore our school and meet the community.


JuliSusa Solorzano

The Journalism table at station 4, everything clubs, sports, and fun classes. Starring Jillian Margheim and Kaya Paluda.

Jillian Margheim, Managing Editor

Every year our school hosts an incoming Freshman day. It’s a day where 8th graders from schools all over the district come and get to see all the awesome things Frederick has; from sports to clubs to classes you can take too. For the past couple of years Frederick has not been able to do this due to Covid. So everyone was excited. It’s a great opportunity for our own staff and administrators to get a feel for the next class and for the incoming freshman to get a feel for our school. Mr. Ty Gordon says “I really hope the kids are excited for high school, I really do. You know it’s a hard transition whenever you transition from you know 5th grade to 6th grade; it’s like a scary time elementary to middle school and then transition from you know middle school to being a 9th grader or a freshman it’s always daunting and scary and new and. But I think a lot of the kids are excited to be a part of Frederick High School and to be Golden Eagles.”


There was a schedule that was set so we didn’t have a ton of chaos going on. It started off with a big welcome in the gym with name tag check in as well as some chants, rules and expectations, and the run-through of the schedule. The incoming freshmen were split into four groups; blue group, green group, white group, and red group. Then it was off to the first rotation station.


The first “station” was in the auditorium. They basically went over all the rules and expectations of being a high schooler. They also introduced some of the teachers and administration so they could learn some familiar faces. They closed off with an academic view of what high school is going to look like as well. This piece was super important as they have all now been warned and can come in as strong as possible for next year. 


The second station was out on the tennis courts. They set up tons of fun games like Nine Square, Corn Hole, Basketball, and Frisbee, and Spike ball. This was good they all the 8th graders could blow off some energy and be ready for the next station. It was also a good opportunity for them to meet some upperclassmen and make some friends, and have more familiar faces for the upcoming school year. 


The next station was the school tour. The groups were taken out onto the blacktop and then divided into smaller groups and they got to tour the entire school. Just so they get a feel for our layout and for our classes. The whole school is grouped by class genres so it was a pretty useful piece. They also got to hear about how our lunches work, bus schedules, passing periods, front office things and counseling office things. 


The very last and final station was held in the big gym. It was full of different tables for kids to go checkout. We had every single sport the school offers. They could get a run down of how practices work and how eligibility works. All of the clubs were there as well. This also gave kids a chance to find something to do and be involved if they didn’t want to do sports. We also had some of our academic classes there too such as your truly, Frederick’s very own Journalism. 


According to Mr.Gordon “it was great, it’s always good to have our incoming freshman get acclimated to the things we offer here at Frederick High School because we do so many amazing things outside of just our schools typical school classroom teachers. With our clubs, our co-curriculars and our athletics. So showing that off and giving school tours as well as they get to see the auditorium and have a teacher panel, it was awesome”. Mr. Gordon was pretty much in charge of the whole thing and making sure the day ran smoothly. 


“The purpose is to just get the students, 8th graders, aware of number one our school and kind of how it all works and where classrooms are at quickly on a tour. But also to show them everything outside of the walls of just the classroom and the great things that we believe they should be involved in.” Says Gordon. And with that we are happy and excited to welcome the next Freshman class, Golden Eagles class of 2026!