The Rivalry Continues on the Court

The Basketball team is ready to bring their A game against Mead.


Courtesy of TonesImages Studio

The Rowdy Crowd putting up a dub before the Frederick High Boys Basketball team plays Mead in a previous game at Niwot High.

The Frederick Boys Basketball team has come out stronger than ever this year and has put on a great showing the whole season. But will they be able to continue their momentum this Saturday against their all-time rivals, the Mead Mavericks?

While Frederick sits at a standing record of 20-4, Mead sits a game higher with an extra win of 21-4 before heading into the playoff game tomorrow night, at Mead 6 pm on Saturday the 4th of March 2022.

In their previous matchup, Frederick had fallen against Mead 62-53. After the loss that night, the boys’ basketball team worked harder than ever during practices, waiting for another chance to play Mead. That hard work has paid off after conquering two teams previously during the week and continuing to strive in the playoffs, giving themselves a second shot at Mead as well as progressing in the playoffs.

Senior Nevaeh Rifle states “I feel like it’s gonna be a close call, but I think we are gonna win. I think the last game was like a warm-up game. But I think tomorrow we are gonna do better, last time I felt like they were a little afraid to give it their all. So this time they will come out confident for a better outcome.”
While having similar records and an insane amount of talent coming from each team, the team and school with more heart will come out and capture the win. The closer we get to the end of the week, the more students and players are getting antsy waiting to approach this playoff game.

Sophomore Kylie Dionysus quotes “I think the game will be intense between both the rowdy crowds and teams since we already lost to them once. I think it’s gonna be very suspenseful and there will be tension throughout the crowds and teams.”

“I think it’s gonna be a close game because Mead is the first seed and they are a good team, but I believe we have more talent,” Freshman Blane Bahl quotes
This rivalry has always been heated in sports, academics, students, and more. That’s why this game is super important for Frederick and the team. Hopefully, the team will exceed to gain another Frederick rivalry win and advance in the playoffs.

River Lakey states, “I’d say it will be a close game and we are gonna surprise a lot of people, especially Mead. We are gonna bring our A-game and they won’t see what’s about to hit them. But it might be a buzzer-beater or even overtime, you never know what could happen and what the future awaits.”

As the rivalry game awaits, the students and team of Frederick High prepare and get rowdy for a game that will go down in the books. Frederick High is more prepared and excited than ever and ready to show the Maverick Meads what Warrior spirit looks like.