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The Student News Site of Frederick High School

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JONATHAN MADERA: Leading by Action

The heart of the team beats a new path to college
Jonathan Madera
Jonathan Madera smiles at the camera for his senior photos in the beautiful outdoors. Jonathan is a multisport athlete who sets the bar high for other competing athletes by his actions. as he excels in and out of the classroom, in addition to being a great friend and mentor to others.

In sports, the head of a team is the leader, acting as a captain who directs the team to victory. Then there’s the muscle of the team, the one or two players who are unstoppable physical powerhouses that can overrun and outmaneuver any opponent. Yet what may be most important is the heart of the team, the affable and adaptable player who encourages others and makes everyone on the team feel connected.

Jonathan Madera has been that heart for Frederick Football and Basketball. Jonathan makes an effort to be personable and encouraging to everyone he encounters, whether he’s engaged in real-time problem solving on the field or a thought-provoking discussion in the classroom. Jonathan is seen as an inspiration by his fellow seniors because he exemplifies what it means to lead by action.

Yet Jonathan wasn’t always the heart of two Frederick sports: he attended Mead High his freshman year and, after transferring to Frederick, started playing varsity football as a Golden Eagle as a sophomore. That early varsity spot came as a result of years of hard work: Jonathan started playing football in the sixth grade. Since enrolling at Frederick, Jonathan has earned the Academic All State Honorable Mention CHSSA Football in 2022, the Northern 6 Conference and Academic All State Honorable Mention CHSSA Football in 2023, and varsity letters for both his junior and senior years.

Football has taught Jonathan leadership, discipline, teamwork, and resilience. He said, “I enjoyed my football experience as I made new friends and learned new lessons behind what the coaches are really teaching us, like toughness.” Jonathan’s decision to continue football in the future is currently up in the air, as he is currently weighing different options for how he wants his college experience to be. 

Jonathan and his parents, Alejandro and Irma, his grandma Bartola, and his two brothers Joseph and Jordan smile at the camera on senior night in honor of Jonathan during the 23–24 football season. Jonathan wore jersey #52 during his football career at Frederick, as he is an inspiration to younger generations and a leader of the community. (Jonathan Madera)

Jonathan has also been playing basketball for six years, having started in the seventh grade. Jonathan began his basketball career at Mead, where he played for one year. After transferring to Frederick, he tried out and played for the team in his sophomore year. In his senior year, Jonathan returned and was awarded a varsity letter. Jonathan says he had a great time playing basketball and that it helped him create new relationships.

“I enjoyed my basketball season as it formed new bonds,”  Jonathan said. While Jonathan may continue football at the university level, he’s decided that, outside of the occasional pickup game with friends, he won’t return to the court in the future. 

Instead of balling, Jonathan plans on another calling: higher education. Following graduation, Jonathan intends to enroll at Colorado State University or Colorado Boulder. Academically, Jonathan has always been above average: in addition to receiving academic honors from the football community, Jonathan has also earned recognition for his academic performance in 2022 with the Fall and Spring Semester Academic Letter Awards.

Jonathan and his parents, Alejandro and Irma, his grandma Bartola, and his two brothers Joseph and Jordan smile at the camera during the 23–24 season for basketball on senior night. Jonathan has always been a leader by action, and he has created new standards and expectations for student-athletes within sports and in the classroom.  (Jonathan Madera)

Jonathan’s high school experience has been relatively positive: he not only experienced growing moments but also found contentment in the people around him. Jonathan said, “Reflecting on my four years at Frederick High School, I found moments of enjoyment and growth [. . .] I appreciated the opportunities to learn, both academically and personally, and the friendships I cultivated along the way.”

This doesn’t mean everything was perfect for Jonathan: “There were also areas where I could have made different choices [. . .] In hindsight, I realize that I could have been more proactive in seeking out new experiences and stepping out of my comfort zone. Additionally, I recognize the importance of building stronger connections with my peers and teachers, as fostering deeper relationships could have enriched my high school experience.” 

Jonathan hopes his education in connecting with others to form deep relationships will help him succeed in college. While he is enrolling with no set major–or “going in with an open mind,” as he puts it–he wants to work in a field where he can assist people. 

Above all, I aim to be remembered as someone who embodied the values of integrity, empathy, and resilience, leaving a positive imprint on those around me,” says Jonathan.High school presented numerous obstacles, from academic pressures to social dynamics, but overcoming these hurdles has instilled in me a sense of determination and resilience that I will apply to future endeavors.”

To this end, Jonathan wanted to end this profile helping the incoming freshmen who will take his place at Frederick four years from now: “My advice to you is to embrace this new chapter of your life with an open mind and a positive attitude. Take the time to explore your interests, get involved in clubs and activities, and build meaningful relationships with your peers and teachers. Stay organized, manage your time wisely, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Most importantly, remember to take care of yourself both physically and mentally, and enjoy the experience.”

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