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The Student News Site of Frederick High School

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Frederick Lantern

Never Mind Your Past Mistakes; Dont Let Them Determine Your Future. One of the biggest themes in Cobra Kai is how the mistakes made by Daniel and Johnny in their youths continue to shape their lives.

Cobra Kai Keeps Hitting

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Staff writer January 24, 2022

The Karate Kid was one of the biggest film hits of the 1980s. The two main characters of Karate Kid, martial arts enemies Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence, entranced audiences then, and still are beloved...

“Monster” is a moving and thrilling film that everyone needs to take a look at.

Monster Will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

Kaya Paluda, Staff Writer May 26, 2021

 Netflix just added the new movie Monster to their Black Lives Matter Collection. This movie is truthful and honest and it's very realistic to times where it seems like it could be a documentary. This...

The mess of different streaming services coming at audiences left and right can be really confusing and overwhelming. However, there are considered to be eight major streaming services these days. This pros and cons list should help you decide where to place hard earned money into what subscription.

Fighting Up Stream

Owen Etter, Staff Writer April 16, 2021

Back in pre-COVID times, one of the best activities that I loved to do was go to the movie theaters with my dad on Friday nights. It was one of those activities that we did religiously and we saw so many...

This quirky TV show is fun to watch for people all ages.

Kid Cosmic and This Review

Sarah Hayes, Editor March 5, 2021

In every superhero movie and TV show that we watch, we see that there's a hero who has been granted extraterrestrial superpowers that they can usually master in a matter of on-screen minutes. However,...

In the midst of their thrilling adventure Pili and Ioane stop to take a look at their grandfathers book/guide with their friends Casper and Hana.

Ohana Means Family

Elicia Ramu, Staff Writer February 27, 2021

On January 29th, a new reason for the meaning of Ohana hit Netflix’s platform, in their latest film Finding ‘Ohana. With a total run time of 2 hours and three minutes, this film is a fun-filled, action-packed,...

Join Bloom in her adventurous tv show (FATE: The Winx Saga) on Netflix. Its a show that will keep you craving for more by the end of the season using its suspense and thriller components.

FATE: The Winx Saga is Thrilling and Suspenseful

Kaya Paluda, Staff Writer February 7, 2021

On January 22, FATE: The Winx Saga hit Netlflix’s platform causing yet another obsession to begin. The show is based on the animated series Winx Club that came out back in 2004. The show is exciting...

Memories of the past reappear as Samantha Bloom sits with Penguin on her shoulder letting herself open up to the possibility of hope.

Penguin Bloom Brings Chills, Tears, and Inspiration To All

Elicia Ramu, staff writer January 31, 2021

People say that a freak accident can kill you in an instant. What they don’t always say though, is that those who survive freak accidents can be some of the greatest inspirations to walk the planet....

Netflix has Ariana Grande’s new film “excuse me, I love you” giving fans a huge rush of excitement

Netflix Releases Ariana Grande’s New Film “excuse me, i love you”

Kaya Paluda, Staff Writer January 21, 2021

Passion, talent, and music shine through Ariana Grande’s new film excuse me, I love you. The year 2020 was a huge year for Ariana as she started it off by coming out with an album that everyone loved...

The Prom is a heartwarming movie that tells an amazing story about a teenage girl who has only one dream that she wants to come true.

Everyone Should Go to The Prom

Elicia Ramu, staff writer December 13, 2020

On Friday, December 11, Netflix’s newest original film The Prom hit its platform with a powerful impact. The film starring Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, James Cordon, Jo Ellen Pellman, and so many other...

The Princess Switch: Switched again is a fun and new movie out now on Netflix.

The Princess Switch: Switched Again Brings Lots of Joy

Kaya Paluda, Staff Writer December 4, 2020

The Princess Switch: Switched Again came out on Netflix on November 19th. Since then it has been getting lots of love from critics in regards to how well structured and filmed the movie was. Does this...

Netflixs newest documentary The Social Dilemma really shows how divided our world is becoming due to social media and the problems that come with it.

The Problem With Social Media

Elicia Ramu, Staff Writer November 14, 2020

One-click and your whole world can change.  On September 9, 2020, a new documentary/drama hit Netflix’s platform with a powerful story to be told. The name of it is The Social Dilemma and its story...

Enola Holmes is a fun filled movie full of joy and laughter.

If You Like Sherlock Holmes than You’ll Love Enola Holmes

Kaya Paluda, Staff Writer October 18, 2020

Enola Holmes is a fun and thrilling movie. This movie is fast paced, and gives you a mindset to try to solve her problems and mysteries along with her. Enola Holmes is based on a series of books called...

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