UPDATE: Frederick High, Other SVVSD Schools Closed Until April 17

Brandon Coon

As we reported yesterday, Governor Jared Polis issued an executive order closing all Colorado schools until April 17. This morning, St. Vrain Superintendent Dr. Don Haddad confirmed the declaration by Governor Polis. According to Dr. Haddad, the district is “prepared to implement our online instructional learning plan on Monday, March 30 to ensure that our students are engaged in their schoolwork to advance learning, and maintain established relationships with our students, families, and teachers.”

In his communication, Dr. Haddad mentioned that the district will be sharing “critically-important, detailed information about [the district’s] online learning plan” on Thursday, March 26. This information will include links to the district’s online curriculum, information on how to access resources like meals and digital learning devices at the district community resources sites (one of which is Frederick High), and how to get internet service if one has no service at home.

As far as closure past April 17, only time will tell. The district has extended a state of emergency to May 2 in order to access federal relief funding up to that date, but we could all be back in buildings on April 20. However, Frederick Principal Brian Young assured us that, as long as the online learning plan is followed, students shouldn’t have to make up the missed time in class over summer.  “The State allows for waivers under emergency situations. Given the statewide nature of the outbreak, I’m confident we will not need to make up these days,” Mr. Young said. “As long as teachers teach and students learn, we can count this as [educational] time.”  To that end, Dr. Haddad reassured the community that the online learning that will begin March 30 will keep seniors on track to graduate on time and every other grade on track to advance to the next grade level.

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