Is Coach Prime Right for CU?

Deion Sanders has come to coach at CU, creating excitement and concerns

Conner Pickett and Caleb Pickett

The CU Buffs have a new head football coach, that’s nickname is coach prime but his real name is Deion Sanders. This announcement of Deion being the new head coach was a shock to many, as the former NFL player has never been a Power 5 college coach before. However, there are reasons to believe that Coach Prime is the right man for the job.

One reason is that he has a lot of experience in football. He played in the NFL for 14 seasons, during which he won 2 Super Bowls. He also played college football at Florida State University, where he won the Jim Thorpe Award, given to the nation’s best defensive back. As well as having coached for three years at Jackson State. All of this experience has given him a deep understanding of the game, which he can pass on to his young college players.

Another reason is that he has a passion for coaching. Coach Prime started coaching at Jackson State in Jacksonville, Florida. He also started a youth football program called Prime Prep Academy. Which he eventually turned into a high school football program. In all of these roles, he showed a dedication to teaching young players the skills they need to succeed.

Coach Prime also brings a type of upbeat energy. This helps with recruiting as he has landed both of ESPN’s number 1 cornerbacks in the last two years. Just watching him on tv you can tell he wants to be there and enjoys pretty much every minute of what he’s doing. Many describe Deion as a dedicated and driven man. From the outside, you can see even if you don’t watch football that coach prime is driven to beat the best and become the best.

Of course, there are also concerns about Coach and his lack of experience in Power 5 college football that is. College football is a different game from the NFL, and different from HBCU football with this comes different challenges for Head Coach Deion. We will see whether he will be able to adapt to this new environment of Power 5 college ball.

Another concern is whether Deion will be able to recruit top players to play ball for him at CU. Recruiting is a crucial part of college football, and it can be difficult for a new coach to gain good relationships with high school coaches and players. However, Coach Prime has already shown that he has an eye for recruiting. In his first week on the job, he picked up two highly-rated players. He has also been active on social media, reaching out to potential recruits and building his name showing players and people what he is all about.

The CU Buffs have been down badly, struggling big time for several years, with just 5 wins in the last two seasons. They need a coach who can turn things around quickly. Coach Prime has a tough challenge for him, but he has already shown that he is up for the challenge. He has a passion for football and a variety of experiences in football. As well as a unique perspective on the game of ball. If he can build a strong coaching staff and recruit top players, there is no reason why he can’t lead the Buffs to success.