Colorado Avalanche 2023 season comes to a close early

The Colorado Avalanche disappointing loss in round one of the Staley cup final

Conner Pickett, Staff Writer

The Colorado Avalanche’s 2022- 2023 season came to a close last night with a disappointing loss in round one of the Stanley cup finals. Despite the loss, it was a season full of ups and downs for the Avalanche.

The Avalanche got off to a rough start for the season, losing their first four and having to “dig themselves out of a deep hole” as head coach Jared Bernard said to Altitude sports network in a press conference. This was just the beginning of a rough season for the Avs. Shortly after the start of the season the Colorado Avalanche were approached with even more bad news as head captain Gabriel Gabriel Landeskog was injured. The Avs announced that Gabriel Landeskog had a knee injury and would need surgery that would lead landy to be out for the entire 2022-2023 session.  

However The Avalanche would pull through and get their stuff together. Without the leader of the pack the assistant captains Nathan Mackinnon and Cale Makar were looked upon to take the team and lead them. Mackinnon and Makar definitely did that in many ways. These “beauties”didn’t just just lead the Avs to success, they led the NHL. Nathan has been one of the most powerful offensive players in the NHL for many years. He finished the season with 111 points, 42 goals, 69 assists which is definitely in the top of the chel. Makar brings a talented defensive game we’re he can jump up and join the play and be a crucial part of the team’s offense as well. Makar finished with 71 points, 18 goals, 53 assists which is really impressive for a defenseman like Cale.

 The Avalanche would be able to get their game together and make the NHL playoffs in 2023. They really got their game together at the end of the regular season winning 8 straight games. This would lead Colorado to finish first in the western conference division with 82 games played, 51 wins,24 losses,and 7 over time losses with a total of and 109 total season points for the team.

The Avalanche’s success in the regular season earned them a first-round matchup against the Seattle kraken. This series was one of the most exciting NHL playoff series in a long time. The competition, fighting,scoring,fans,hatred for one and another made this series just that much better. The avs would go down 2 games in the series but find their way to climb back into the series and win three games to force a game 7. Win or go home for the avs.

Game 7 would get off to a bad start for the Avs when forward Oliver Bjorkstrand Seattle kraken forward scores 4 minutes in to make it one – zero kraken. However the Avs were dominating pretty much the entire hockey game. But kraken goaltender Philipp grubauer, former Colorado Avalanche goalie would go on to have what many said a “spectacular game” which is definitely the man who won this game for the kraken. Philipp was nothing but a brick wall. However the Avs put 2 goals in on him both by assistant captain Nathan McKinnon. One goal got called back because of an offsides call. This put the Avs down two to one which would end up being the unfortunate ending score of game seven. 

The loss in game seven to the kraken would end colorados season in a heartbreaking fashion and send them home early after just round one of the Stanley cup final. Just after watching the press conferences in the locker room you could tell how much this hurt these boys and how badly they wanted to go back to back Stanley cup champs. But at the end of the day the Avs just didn’t have what it took this 2023 season or at least didn’t bring to the table what they needed to, to be back to back champs. 

The Avalanche will need to address some holes on their roster in the offseason. Their defense, while solid, could use some depth. The Avalanche will also need to address their goaltending situation, as fans didn’t think new import from the New York rangers Alexandar Georgiev didn’t seem to bring what the avs needed. 

Overall, the Colorado Avalanche’s 2023 season was disappointing, especially the ending. but in the bigger picture it was a fun season to watch and I’m sure the early finish in round one of the Stanley cup final will only push these boys harder and harder this offseason to achieve the goal of lifting Lord Stanley next season.