Still a Killer Watch

Sandler, Aniston still shine in Murder Mystery 2 though not as bright in the first Murder Mystery.


Murder Mystery 2 was action packed and everything you need from an Adam Sandler film. (Netflix)

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Copy Editor

In Adam Sandler films, you always know it’s going to be good, whether it’s something cheerful, comedic, easygoing, or comforting. Since the first release of Murder Mystery, it was a surprising hit, and almost 31 million households watched it in the first three days of release. Since then, Murder Mystery 2 has arrived on Netflix and captured the attention of Adam Sandler fans.

The sequel reintroduces us to Nick (Adam Sandler) and Audrey (Jennifer Aniston). Since their last vacation experience, Nick and Audrey are now full-time detectives, and they are struggling to find work. The couple also seems to be experiencing relationship problems due to their job. They quickly discover themselves getting invited to a lavish Indian wedding by their friend the Maharaja. The trip soon falls into a nightmare during the wedding when Maharaja was kidnapped, and it’s all up to Nick and Audrey to uncover the truth of who is in the shadows of their kidnapped friend.

The film was really good, and it had a great plotline, but it doesn’t compare to the original as it just doesn’t stick out as much. While the original film contained lots of comedy, Audrey and Nick found themselves trying to solve a mystery of a group of rich individuals on a yacht that kept mysteriously disappearing and discovering death. While this film focused more on solving the mystery and getting to the bottom of who kidnapped their friend Maharajah, Nick and Audrey went in plenty of directions throughout the movie to discover the evil in disguise. The plotline was predictable and had very similar characteristics to the first film.

Nick and Audrey gazing forward in the film. Since the release Murder Mystery 2 hasn’t been receiving the best reviews, but has been seen by lots of audiences over globe, as it remains in the top 10 of Netflix films right now. (Netflix)

The setting of the film went really well with the storyline, and it relates to the first movie when Nick and Audrey are on a luxurious trip. It also was able to string along some other familiar faces from the first film. Along with the clothing that was set in the scenes as well, it matched the theme of the film and really helped feature the backgrounds and what was occurring in the film at the time. The action shots are really strong as they help further the story in the film, including some unexpected and unusual scenes.

Altogether, the film was good, and it had a good plotline and story. It is definitely a good watch, and it’s a great addition to the story of Nick and Audrey. While the film doesn’t compare to the original, this kooky fantasy film has lots of great qualities, and it’s a film of simple pleasures.