Do You Believe In Magic?

After 10 years, Magic Mike is back!


Courtesy of HBOMax

Mike Lane and the ballerina dancing during the grand finale of the theater show in London. This dance in the rain is Mike Lane’s last dance on stage, which reimagines the journey between Max and Mike. The film since released has grossed 23.1M in box office and the film sits at 49% rotten tomatoes. Yet, the film has received a positively great amount of reviews from fans.

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Copy Editor

After years of the first experience, Mike Lane, an experienced seductive stripper, hits the stage one last time. Imagine this: You begin taking your seat in the theater, then, all at once, you look around and notice most seats. Let’s face it, all seats, filled with rowdy greedy women around you who are as excited as ever after 10 years. As was to be expected, all the women were there for one thing: the king himself, Magic Mike.

After years of not dancing, Mike Lane takes the stage one last time after losing his beloved furniture business and being left bartending and broke. In the final chapter of Magic Mike’s Last Dance, a woman named Maxandra lures Mike out of his way with a promise of $6,000 for a private, intimate dance. After this incredibly special dance, Mike heads to London with Max with an offer he can’t refuse. We come to find out Max owns a theater in London with a show that has a lack of creativity, with everything on the line Max cherry-picks Mike in hopes of reinventing the production and whipping in hot-toned, talented dancers, allowing the king of Tampa, “Magic Mike,” a chance to stage a show.

In the film, the dances don’t just involve Mike’s hot tradition.

The world around Mike has changed, and not only does he rekindle the spark of the previous films with his incredible moves, but the audience gets to see a side of emotion and who he really is after dancing for plenty of years. The film is fairly straightforward; it’s a love story. Mike’s last dance on the stage without a surprise reimagines the romantic spark between Max and Mike throughout the film. Which obviously ends better than you can even think of.

The first dance by Mike in the film sets up the rest of the film, which gives the audience a glimpse into what is to come in the next oncoming scenes in the film. All of the dances in the film stood out tremendously, and they were the core elemental pleasures defining what “Magic Mike” is all about. One dance that stood out in particular was the last dance Mike performed on stage in the rain with the ballerina for the grand finale. It dives deep into more of what the film was about and recapped really big scenes that brought Mike and Max to feel these certain emotions. Not only was the dance meaningful, but it was an intimate choreography that stood out, offering the audience one last, long-awaited chance to fantasize over the one and only “Magic Mike.”

The setting of the film was also really good, and it definitely defined the difference between Tampa and London. It wasn’t just where it took place; the scenery in each scene matches the plotline perfectly, and it creates an amazing effect in each scene. Not to mention the outstanding set up and sets while the dancers perform, which truly tells a story to grab the audience attention and exposure to the film making it feel like you were experiencing the theater show yourself.

Ultimately, this film was super good and couldn’t have been better. Compared to the original and other Magic Mike films, this one has way more of a plotline than the others ever had. Not only that, but we get to see a little bit more of Mike Lane, not only on the stage but a further look into his life and love journey. The only disappointing thing about the film was that the characters from the original Magic Mike didn’t have an in-depth debut in Magic Mike’s Last Dance as fans thought they would’ve. Other than that, the film was really great and it may have topped the original.