Man drove off cliff with family

Conner Pickett, Staff Writer

A Tesla driver drove off a cliff in California with family members in the car. Two children and an adult passenger were all involved in the 250-foot drop-off of a cliff. The man behind all of this is 41-year-old Dharmesh Patel. Dharmesh was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and child endangerment, according to the arrest report.


The good news is the 3 passengers involved in this unfortunate event survived which is pretty hard to believe considering a 250-foot drop in a car is crazy, also the way the car looked after the accident and the fact that the 3 passengers made it is crazy.


It makes you wonder if the car saved them from tragedy or if it was just a pear medical. The car the 41-year-old was driving was a Tesla Model Y which is an SUV the car is just like most cars in the world as far as safety features. Many experts are led to believe some of why the people survived was because of a combination of the Tesla and a lot of luck.


However, All four people were hospitalized. Rescuers initially hailed the family’s survival as a “miracle” after the Tesla sedan plummeted down a notorious cliffside along the Pacific Coast Highway near an area called Devil’s Slide that’s known for fatal wrecks. Firefighters were forced to cut the family out of the wreckage. They used a rope system to haul the children up the cliff in a rescue basket while the parents were hoisted by helicopter.