Starting Strong Again

Thomas Rhett’s new album “Were We Started” is another great listen

Conner Pickett, Staff Writer

Thomas Rhett has released another hit album “Where We Started”. Thomas Rhett is a new up-and-coming country music artist. He first began his music career in early 2012 with his first-ever debut single “something to do with my hands” later that year he released “beer with Jesus” both of these songs made the top 30 on the hot country songs charts. His third single was “it goes like this” which is 1st on the hot country music charts. This was just the beginning of a phenomenal start to a music career.

Thomas Rhett has since made six studio albums, and 28 singles. Five of the six albums were made when Thomas Rhett was and still is a figured artist.

Thomas Rhett was born in Valdosta Georgia on March 30, 1990, to mother Paige Bradwell and father Rhett Akins. He was raised in Hendersonville Tennessee The heart of country music, so there is no surprise that he chose country music as his profession. He also grew up with a strong influence on country music not just because of where he lived but also who he knew, Thomas knew country music sensations Tim McGraw and Brooks and Dunn.

Not to mention his dad was a sensational country artist back in his day. Thomas grew up around country music, going to his father’s concerts and performances all around. at a very young age, he was introduced to a fabulous life of creating and performing music.

As a junior in high school Thomas learned to play the drums and while doing this started his love for music. He would then go on to perform on stage with his father and play the drums. Thomas would then stop and go to Lipscomb University in Nashville Tennessee, but he would realize it wasn’t for him. He ended up dropping out of college at the age of 20 to pursue his passion for music and start a career.

Thomas started his career with a bang with the song “ It Goes Like This” in 2012, this is still one of my favorite country music songs. This was just the beginning of his great music career. He would go on to make six more studio albums and 28 singles. His newest album is “Where We Started”.

Aside from writing and performing for himself, Thomas has written songs for Morgan Wallen, Lee Bryce, Florida Georgia Line, Jason Alden, and many others.

Thomas Rhett’s newly released album “Were We Started” has 15 tracks. The top three rated songs are “Death Row” at third, “Mama’s Front Door” at second, and my personal favorite “Slow Down Summer” in First.

Slow down summer is about Thomas Rhett’s personal life growing up. “Slow Down Summer” relates to when Thomas was a teenager and his romance as a teen, specifically in this song his summer romance and heartbreak. Personally, this song is perfect for a nice day camping, fishing, at the beach, or just chilling around the house. This song is more of a calm song with a good beat and beautiful spot-on lyrics that are clear and even a little bit relatable which makes the song even better in my opinion.

However this album was like most music albums in all genres, it had a couple of really good songs but the rest of the songs were just kinda mid. But the top 3 songs “Mama’s Front Door”, “Death Row” and “Slow Down summer” definitely save the “Where We Started” album. In all, I would give Thomas Rhett’s new album ”Where We Started” a 7.5 out of 10. A couple of great songs and some songs that were in the middle of good and bad but 7.5 is pretty damn good considering how many other country music albums there are in the world right now.