Gossip Girl Lives On

Jen z version of the old gossip girl.


Courtesy of HBOMax

Julien and her friends standing in the hallway gazing at Monet at the other side of the hall. Gossip Girl Reboot season 2 is set to have 10 episodes, one released every Thursday until the finale.

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Copy Editor

After almost one year of waiting, Gossip Girl Season 2 has finally dropped on HBO Max. What better way to kick off the highly anticipated new season than to release two episodes in one day? Not to mention the show is already fulfilling the first season’s outing, and already shadowing the footsteps of the original Gossip Girl.

Nearly a decade after the original Gossip Girl website went dark. A new generation of private school teens is introduced to the unflattering reality of the eyes of Gossip Girl, however, instead of a blog, Gossip Girl is going global and using social media. This Gossip Girl follows Julien and her friends: Obie, Max, Aki, Luna, Audrey, Monet, and Zoya, who also happens to be Julien’s half-sister. 

It is the second semester of junior year and things are looking completely different. The first two episodes of season 2 “Deb Brawl in a Blue Dress” and “Guess Who’s Coming at Dinner,” open with all the major characters returning and leaving off from last season, audiences already know who GG is, but seemingly GG has lost popularity and only has her moments once in a while. While Julien has taken her mind off of being an influencer and is trying to be nicer to people, she is building a stronger relationship with her half-step sister Zoya, but Zoya isn’t feeling it as much, as Julien is living in her house and obtaining Nick’s attention and dividing Nick’s and Zoya’s father-daughter relationship. While Julien is taking a different approach to the new year, Monet has different intentions, to fight Julien and become the next queen bee. Monet finds the evilest schemes to make it look like a war virtually. After Max finally agrees to Audrey and Aki becoming a trio in Season 1, more challenges come their way as Max wants to go public but Audrey and Aki find themselves hesitant in what is to come which sets a question in their relationship. But the clever Luna seems to not only help Max in his troubles but also Julien and help her form her newest sweet dreams. 

The first two episodes of Gossip Girl Season 2 begin with a whole load of drama. The first episode “Deb Brawl in a Blue Dress” is dedicated to a brawl between Monet and Julien that sets off what is to be expected in the season. As Julien Calloway and her gang look for a fresh start in the new year, new rivalries threaten what the future has to come. This episode is good as it continues off of Season 1, as the crew is coming home from Hudson after New Year’s to continue their new beginnings. This episode was super good and stayed true to the first season, but also included what is to come in the next following episodes. 

The second episode “Guess Who’s Coming at Dinner” centers around dinner gatherings that didn’t go as planned. While Zoya starts to spend more time with her newest friend Shan and her family, Nick finds it rather difficult to agree on their friendship. While many different dinners occurred during this episode they all descend into chaos. While some of the dinners lead to newer problems, others resolve issues unexpectedly. This episode stirred some drama which made it far more interesting and watchable for audiences.

The series didn’t branch out from the original setting from the first season which was strong for the series as it helps to continue and build the storyline, whether it was the lighting or background the setting was super well displayed. The camera work in the two episodes was well-represented and clear. What also stood out big time is the series remained to have stunning clothing worn by Julien Calloway and her crew, along with amazing accessories and makeup. 

If you haven’t seen the first season of Gossip Girl you must do so and follow up with the latest episodes of Season 2 picking up from the dramatic ending in Season 1! What will happen next? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. Stream the latest episodes of Gossip Girl every Thursday on HBO Max!