Falling for a Great Holiday Film

Falling for Christmas is a great holiday film to get you in the spirit


Courtesy of Scott Everett White/Netflix

Sierra/Sarah (Lindsay Lohan) and Jake (Chord Overstreet) looking at one another the morning after Sierra’s fall. Since the release “Falling for Christmas” the film has received mixed reviews, most audience written reviews are positive and the film is still in top 10 on Netflix.

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Copy Editor

It’s that time of the year, to get all cozy by the campfire, drinking hot cocoa, and watching your favorite Christmas films. The newest Holiday film Falling for Christmas which was released on November 10 and distributed by Netflix, has received mixed feedback with 58% rotten tomatoes, 3.6 audience ratings, and remains in Netflix’s top 10 since the release. But in all, the film was super good and though the film may be similar to other holiday love films, the storyline was interesting and the film needs to be on your Christmas watchlist. 

Sierra Belmont has a life many people dream to have, the daughter of a hotel mogul, never having to worry about anything though she wants people to know her for more than just her last name. Her social media influencer boyfriend Tad takes her to the top of a mountain to take skiing photos, which he then surprises her by proposing only to seemingly find their happy moment come to an end as Sierra slides backward off the mountain into the unknown, becoming unconscious. When she was then found by Jake on a sleigh and he took her to the hospital, she has no remembrance of who she is, while having no identification on her and the fall caused her to have amnesia. Jake, a local lodge owner takes her in while she’s in recovery. While it takes her family a rather long time to find her, she learns to help out around the lodge and starts to share a connection with Jake. This then leads Sierra to make a decision on what life she wants to live when she finally gets her memory back: living in a small town or going back to the luxurious life she used to have.

Similarly to other Christmas romantic films, this film had a rather different but interesting storyline. Following in such a fairly similar way, Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet performed phenomenally playing their roles in this film. In the film, like many Christmas films, there is typically that mushy and romantical love storyline between a man and a woman, but Lohan and Overstreet proposed a greater sense of the relationship between one another in the story, they both had good on screen chemistry which is a game changer. Not only did Lohan and Overstreet create a great image on the screen, other cast members like Jack Wagner, George Young, Olivia Monet Perez, and more. The emotion and joy were greatly displayed by each actor in each scene, embracing the holiday season and setting the film high. 

The quality of the film was good and it matched well with the storyline. Something that stood out, in particular, is the settings in each scene, it all matched the theme of the story and took a big role in the film, giving audiences a bigger picture of the film. While all the settings and quality looked good, one thing that looked rather tacky was when Sierra/Sarah Belmont (Lindsay Lohan) and Tad Fairchild (George Young) were separated on the mountain, it looked less appealing and not as realistic as the rest of the movie. But other than that minor quality, the rest was good, the setting, camera work, makeup, and even the outfits displayed on the screen, they all have strong suits in the film. 

In all, is this film recommendable to audiences? The answer is yes, this is a film to put on your watch list for the holidays. Not only does the film put you in a jolly holiday spirit for Christmas it also has a great love storyline and can bring out some good laughs. Since its release, the film has been on the up run receiving high ratings and positive reviews, this is a great film for the holidays!