Peter McNabb Passes Away

PETER McNAB NHL forward and long time avalanche broadcaster passes away

Conner Pickett, Staff Writer

Peter McNAB has unfortunately passed away on November 6 2022. Peter was 70 years old when he sadly passed away. He was a long time sports legend. Peter began his legendary hockey career at the university of Denver playing D1 college hockey. He would then go on to make it to the NHL where he played 14 seasons, with various teams including the Buffalo Sabres, Boston Bruins, Vancouver Canucks and New Jersey Devils. When his hockey career ended it was just the beginning of his legendary story, Peter then went on to venture into the realm of broadcasting, where he was an analyst with the New Jersey Devils before joining the Colorado Avalanche.

He joined the Avalanche and almost immediately became a fan favorite. he broadcasted for the colorado avalanche for 27 years he was the voice coloradans heard every time they would turn on the Television and watch their hockey team.

PETER McNAB was elected into the US hockey hall of fame in 2021. Peter was inducted into the hall of fame as one of the best American hockey players, with 813 points in 995 regular season games including 363 goals and 450 assists.


PETER McNAB was diagnosed with cancer in August of 2021, he would later enter retirement. however his retirement was not long he decided he needed something back. Peter would then later in february join back to the altitude(Colorado Avalanche television broadcast)sport family. He would continue to the 2022 NHL season were peter and the avs wound go on the win lord stanley. Peter later that year lost his battle to cancer on November 6 2022.


Colorado Avalanche owner E. Stanley Kroenke and president Josh Kroenke in a statement said “Peter’s passion for hockey was singular. as was his gift for celebrating what makes the sport so special. We were blessed that, for 27 years, he was an integral and indispensable part of our organization. His presence, insight and commitment to growing the sport made us all want to be greater stewards of hockey.”


“The hockey world lost a good one here,” former Avalanche forward Matt Duchene posted on social media.”Pete absolutely loved the game and couldn’t have been a nicer man and it was a pleasure to know.”