The Watcher is a Must Watch

The Watcher is the next series on the rise after Netflix’s latest release “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”


Courtesy of IMDb

In the series the Broadduses have been reimagined, in the series multiple things were differed from reality, in the film known as Nora and Dean Brannock, the real family is Maria and Derek Broaddus, when the family was introduced in the film along with 657 Boulevard they only had two kids, which in reality the actual Broadduses had three.

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Copy Editor

An American mystery — The Watcher, following the true story of Maria Broaddus, a mother and artist who endured a harrowing episode of being stalked by an unknown person. The series takes some liberties with the truth, changing Broaddus’ name to Brannock and portraying them as living in their multi million dollar house instead of just flipping it for profit. Still, in the seven episodes the series unfolds the story that taunts the Broaddus’ family and overall has received lots of popularity and continues to be on the rise streaming on Netflix.

The tale of 657 Boulevard, New Jersey home address that was stalked by a mysterious stranger. Derek and Maria Broaddus finally found their dream home. After moving in they soon started receiving exotic and threatening letters after moving in, the strange individual stalking the home seemed super familiar with this particular home, and knew lots of personal details about the family making it clear that they were watching the house. Like anyone would, the family went in panic, they had to overcome obstacles and even start sleeping in a motel. Eventually they decide to install cameras and hire a detective to possibly solve the mystery. But when nothing seems to go their way it derives a hole in the family driving them to hanker for the answer behind all this madness, which would then lead them to accusing their closest friends. But, who would do it?  

Throughout the whole entire series you will try to be predicting who could do all these pretentious things, keeping you intrigued about the series. While the tomato meter is only at 53% The Watcher has been getting quiet the attention, since October 13, the film reached number one on Netflix and was viewed 125M hours in the first five days of it’s release entry. The bottom line is it’s an unforgettable true story and though, the film has received tons of negative reviews it still is a clever way to get you invested into solving the mystery.

The acting was really well played, each actor played their role super well and gave audiences an idea of who each person was. In particular, Bobby Canavale playing the role Dean Brannock stood out a lot, Canavale really committed himself to the role which made the series far more interesting and it helps connect to audiences. The graphics were really well represented as it was either dim for darker and more mysterious parts of the series, or it was rather light and bright representing the film being happy and not as dark. The film also had good settings displayed and made it fairly more interesting. 

In all, this is a recommendable series to all audiences. The season brought so much to the table, introducing a real mystery case that most people may not have known about until this series was released. This film will have you on the edge of your seat, making you not want to miss any second, in question of who The Watcher really is. This is a must see series the acting, setting, and graphics all played a major role in making this series standout, but most of all the true mystery.