California is on fire again

There are 14 California fires as summer draws to a close

Conner Pickett, Staff Writer

The fires in California have been off and on for many months. Right now they  have burnt approximately 245,397 acres and don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

The California fires are getting so bad even over here in colorado it is becoming smoky and harder to breathe. The air quality is contaminated due to all the heavy smoke the fires keep creating.

The fire has already taken 2 people’s lives and many homes with it. There isn’t just one fire either, there are many going on right now in California. Three of the biggest fires that are happening there right now is the Fairview Fire, mosquito Fire and the mountain fire.

The Fairview Fire is the biggest fire going on right now. This fire is located all the way at the bottom of California and to the south, in between the city San Diego and Los Angeles. This fire has 26,463 acres so far, and is only 5% contained at the moment of writing this. This fire started September 5th 2022, due to a lightning storm and how dry it is in California.

The Mosquito Fire started a day later on September 6th 2022. This fire has burned 46,587 acres so far, and is only 10% contained. The fire is going on near OxBow Reservoir east of Forest Hill, Placer County. 

The fires have forced so many to evacuate and even worse people have lost their homes, work, Buildings, offices and everything inside of them. At the moment of writing this the Mosquito fire is trending in the direction to be the worst over the next few days. The fire went from 14,567 acres burned and now 2 days later 46,587. A YouTube video by ABC10 said that “there have been approximately 11,000 homes foreseen to flee”. Families are in distress and don’t know what to do. 

Over 14,000 firefighters are fighting the 14 large fires right now in California. There have unfortunately been 4 line of duty deaths of a fireman. These heroes are Matthew Clapsaddle, Captain Brian Falk, Jon Flagler and Captain Steven McCann. There were also 2 deaths of a 66 and 73 year old lady.

There are unfortunately 7 fires that are getting really bad but some of the good news is that 5 out of the 7 are contained over 70% right now. The other two however aren’t looking good and the Mosquito fire is only 10% contained and it is the biggest fire as of right now.  The other good news In a couple of days 7 fires have been put out 100% of the way.