The Eagles Have Landed

With the first full of this school year in the books, Frederick High is now officially Eagle Country. After a stressful eighteen-month process of determining a new school mascot to replace the Warrior, Frederick feels almost like new. A new logo, new staff, new students, and new decor throughout the halls crowded with 393 new incoming freshmen have revitalized our building just in time for its tenth anniversary. Here are the big changes we saw in the school over this first week as compared to last year. 

Though FHS has yet to name the new mascot, this is Frederick High’s newest member, the Golden Eagle. There is currently a naming contest for our new mascot, with a winning name to be picked before Homecoming. (Courtesy of Tone Images )
Across from the redesigned track depicting “Frederick Golden Eagles,” the entire student body poses for a group photo.  Frederick High’s population increased significantly this year–by gaining 393 freshmen, making FHS the second biggest school in the district. The photo above was taken at the First Day of School assembly. (Courtesy of Tone Images )
The Frederick High School name and logo are prominent in the front hallway. Many areas in the building didn’t change as much as many expected, but the new logo as well as the new updated colors refreshed even the most static areas of the school. (Makenzie Carpenter-Sais)
New wallpaper art in the commons at Frederick High near the Gym and Auditorium celebrates several past and present students. Over the summer, all the banners and art with Warrior displays were replaced, down to small signs and display cases. These photo help show that the change is not intended to be a replacement but a progression of Frederick’s past into a new future. (Makenzie Carpenter-Sais)
While many things changed at FHS during the summer. Some things will remain the same and won’t change because of the value it has to the school. All of the trophies and rewards the sports have earned in Warrior history remain in the window cases in the lunchroom underneath the new wallpaper display. (Makenzie Carpenter-Sais)
Not only did the school walls change, but all athletes now have a whole new look. Every sport now wears Golden Eagle uniforms which, besides a change in name and logo, feature the brighter and more vibrant yellow that was also changed this year. Not only has this made our athletes stand out more on the field, but we also match better–the old color (Vegas Gold) was notoriously hard to match just right, so we ended up with lots of slightly different shades. (Courtesy of TonebImages)
With everything new around the school, students may not notice that something is missing. The Letterman Jacket and Frederick letters (for athletics, academics, and fine arts) are no longer in their cases outside the office. Soon, these empty cases will be filled with our new Golden Eagles letter jackets and new chenille letters in our brighter gold.  (Makenzie Carpenter-Sais)
The Frederick High School stone near the bus loop in the rear of the school, gifted to the school in the 1980s, was replaced by Frederick High School’s new academic logo. This perfectly reflects the tension between some alumni and the school over the mascot change, as they feel that their history at Frederick is being replaced. However, the admin have taken special steps to preserve old trophies, records, and other memorabilia whenever possible. (Makenzie Carpenter-Sais)
The main gym’s new flooring got an Eagle upgrade: on one side, it says “Frederick,” and the other side says “Golden Eagles.” The athletic F with the eagle proudly lies in the middle of the gym floor. The new ring around blue walls with the gold stripe is a beautiful touch, drawing the eye to the Golden Eagles/Frederick wall mats that replaced the original Warrior mats. (Makenzie Carpenter-Sais)
Not only did both gyms get refurbished, but the athletic hallway also was redesigned. A new athletic display stating “HOME OF THE GOLDEN EAGLES” with the athletic F sits above storage closets across from the weight room. Every sport also has new Golden Eagle uniforms in the new school shades of navy and gold. (Makenzie Carpenter-Sais)
School Resource Officer Andy Fairbanks has spent a good part of the past week flashing his new wheels around the town of Frederick. This new paint job has excited not only FHS but the town of Frederick thanks to its slick and memorable design. (Makenzie Carpenter-Sais)
A window case located near the north stairs now has a display of some of the new Golden Eagle merchandise, such as T-shirts and a baseball cap. Both students and teachers are making use of the new school apparel shop to get their Eagles gear. (Makenzie Carpenter-Sais)