The Unimportance of Cinco de Mayo


Art by Julissa Solorzano

“I dont celebrate Cinco De Mayo because I feel like its not important to me and my family. As a family we don’t really celebrate it because it doesnt root from Mexico, but from the United States wanting to be culturally aceepting.” Said (Sophmore) Maria Diaz

Julissa Solorzano, Social Media Manager

When we think of Cinco de Mayo we automatically think of México, but what about México “It’s Mexico’s Independence Day” said (Sophmore) Alexis Otterbein. Many times other countries try to be more acceptable and welcoming of other countries culture a bunch of insignificant battles and wars are thrown on the board and whatever society thinks has the best ring to it sticks, and is most celebrated.

“I’m from Guanajuato, México I never knew what “Cinco De Mayo” was until I got here. As a Mexican person I dont even know what we are supposed to celebrate. When I lived in Mexico nothing was done, I dont know if people celebrate it Puebla but where I’m from we dont. It’s also very dumb because I would ask other Latinos what Cinco De Mayo is and they don’t even know.” said (Sophmore) Kimberly Quiroz. Many people who are from Mexican backgrounds don’t really get why this is a holiday in the first place. “What is Cinco De Mayo? It’s the fifth day of May.” When asked what the celebration was he answered “Its a make belief holiday in the United States, some people think that it’s México’s independence and its not, In México Cinco de Mayo is the battle between Puebla and France. They don’t celebrate it, there’s nothing to celebrate its just a regular day. Here its a made up holiday, Some people have the wrong understanding.” said Francisco Hernandez

Cinco De Mayo the battle of Puebla against France. As a Mexican person I view this celebration as insignificant. It has become very popular here in the United States. The desire and intentions to celebrate another culture was good but they weren’t executed correctly. “It’s hard to talk about the U.S relationship with México, in a positive way we took so much land from them. We fought the Mexican war against them, its only been in recent times that we have become fast allies. It’s hard to figure out a way to celebrate that culture that also doesn’t  demonize main stream U.S culture.” Said Mr.Coon

“Cinco De Mayo is the celebration of  The battle or Vicotory Won over the French by the mexicans. It wasn’t even a war, it was just a battle. It’s overly celebrated in the United States due to the fact that culturally a lot of people that lived in that area moved to the Unites States. While it may no be as big of a deal in mexico because it was a singular battle, but it’s overhyped because everyone wants to accept more culture.” Said (Sophmore) Michael Allred

Whats especially sad is that some latinos know less about their culture than Non-Latinos.

“I dont really know the history behind it but its something Mexican that were supposed to celebrate. We eat tacos, have parties, drink alcohol. I like it because I’m proud to be Mexican although it is celebrated more in the United States. I thought it had originated in Mexico but it wasn’t. I know when Mexicos Independence Day its September 16, but Cinco De Mayo is just another excuse to party.” Said (Sophmore) Melissa Morales.

Even though it’s an  attempt to be more involved with other cultures around the world for many with a Mexican background it seems like a useless and unnessasary day because they feel as though its almost the United States trying to hard to stay involved. “Cinco De Mayo” began because of racist acts, it’s more of a Holliday at this point to make Mexicans feel welcome. Even if we don’t celebrate something that celebrates our countries success we should still have knowledge about what it is. Many times people don’t know what another countries celebrations are, so they try to reach out to better understand.