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Frederick Girls Soccer Hopeful Under Sola

A new coach has brought inspiration and positivity to the girls on the field
Curtesy of Oluwanisola Abolaji
Coach Sola doing what he does best. Sola is the newest soccer coach at FHS and is excited and more than ready his first coaching season here at FHS for the girls soccer program. He’s here to create unity and create a bigger and better soccer community.

Meet Coach Sola, the newest member of the FHS sports coaching staff. He is hard working and competitive, and he is here to make an impact on the Frederick soccer program. Sola is here to make a difference and to inspire many whether or not they are here to play soccer. He has goals and intentions for his first season of coaching the girls soccer team this spring and the boys team next fall. “My hopes are that the players enjoy playing soccer for Frederick High School.” 

Sola has been playing soccer for as long he can remember. And with coaching, he has fallen in love with the game all over again. He hopes to to help players fall in love with the sport as well. Coach Sola comes from a Nigerian family and has been playing soccer since he was young. Growing up with that strong culture and influence for soccer and how the game is so different from soccer in America he is able to teach different things that some coaches cant because they haven’t had that experience. Coach Sola also has lived and played all around the world. He’s able to influence and show a versatile way of coaching and is able to teach what he’s learned from all of the places he’s been to. This is definitely something that the FHS soccer program needs to bring it back up on its feet. He’s continued his passion for soccer through personal training and coaching teams from many places. “My experience with soccer has been the best life experience. I’ve been around the world playing a game that I love, making friends from all over the world.”

Inspiring others is what Coach Sola strives to do each day. He makes an effort to be his best self so that he is able to help others reach their goals, and to help them elevate their passion for soccer, on and off the field. Coach Sola is “most excited about coaching the players and inspiring them to create something special and long lasting here at Frederick.” Sola is here to turn things around in the best way possible. With the FHS girls soccer season just around the corner, he is making sure everyone including himself is more than ready for their upcoming matches.

Coach Sola knows what he is here to do. “My approach is to be myself, work hard, and share whatever insight or experience I may have.” Sola believes that relationships are key to winning and being an amazing team. There is no “i” in team and he strongly believes and enforces that at all times. He adds, “When players know who they are, then they give their best effort.” 

From past years the FHS soccer program hasn’t been the best and hasn’t had the turnout that the players have wished it too but this year there is a new sense of hope. past coaches have of corse done their best for the teams and have tried to change the game but there hasn’t been as much change brought to the plate like coach Sola. He has brought so much diversity just with practices. Senior Jullye Melendez said, “I think this season will be good and very different from what we’ve experienced. Our new coach is very determined to make us better and better everyday.”

“My intention is to do what I’m highly skilled at (coaching) and passionate about, in the community that I live in.” Turning around the team and bringing notoriety to the soccer program at FHS is something that Sola is very excited about. He really wants the program to be recognized, to be able to bring more people to the team, and maybe even try soccer out themselves.

What do you think the soccer program needs the most?

“For the players to realize a warrior is not just a mascot, it’s who you choose to be everyday. “

Coach Sola has been a giant influence on the team spirit this year as well. He loves to make practices fun while being able to be focused and serious when its most important. You’re able to see how much he loves coaching through how he runs his practices. Sophomore Maritza Holguin, girls soccer manager said, “I think coach is a person you can count on, yea he might challenge you guys a lot. But it helps, it makes you guys get a better mindset of soccer and how fun it can be. He’s changed the soccer team by keeping everyone in a positive mood, working as a team and making sure you all have fun. Its not about being competitive, its all about having fun that’s all.”

Although coaching and playing soccer is what Sola loves to do day in and out, he also says that he enjoys, “having cookouts where I throw something on the grill and invite friends to hang out all day.” At the Saturday morning soccer practices, Coach Sola also loves to bring food for the girls to enjoy after an early morning training. This also gives the girls a chance to hang out for a little while and just socialize. 

A bright spirit has been added to the soccer program, and it has made a huge impact on the players. Coach Sola strives to bring his best self to every practice, game, or even just a hangout. It truly is something that makes him stand out. Sola knows how to turn things around and get a smile out of everyone, no matter what. 

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Kaya Paluda
Kaya Paluda, Editor in Chief

Kaya is a senior at Frederick High. She has been on the Lantern staff for all four years of high school and is an active member of Quill and Scroll. Kaya also is in the FHS Biomedical Foundations program. When not writing for the newspaper, Kaya plays on the soccer team for Frederick. Kaya spends the majority of her time working and playing soccer, but when there's room for free time, she enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, spending time outdoors, watching movies and TV shows, and sleeping. After graduation, Kaya plans to go to a four-year college to study sports medicine.

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