St. Vrain Band Night is Marching Back


Jason Willis

The Frederick High School Marching Band prepares to perform at St. Vrain Band Night on Wednesday, October 6. Frederick’s Band was one of ten to perform at this years Band Night. “Unlike so many other events where the crowd is cheering for a certain winner or outcome, events like these provide an opportunity for everyone to cheer on everyone. It goes to show how powerful music is in SVVSD!” says Janay Bird.

Owen Willis, Social Media Manager

On Wednesday, October 6, 2021, high school marching bands from St. Vrain Valley Schools, including Frederick High School, and other Colorado school districts performed at St. Vrain Band Night, which took place at the Everly Montgomery field located at Longmont High School.

This year is the first year that St. Vrain Band Night was able to happen since 2019 due to the Coronavirus, and this year, it came back for its best year yet. St. Vrain Band Night is an event that occurs every year to showcase all of the strong high school marching band programs in St. Vrain Valley Schools at one event. The event also provides an opportunity for each band to perform their marching show for the year, and to get advice and feedback from judges to ensure that each band looks and sounds its best.

“SVVSD Band Night is a longstanding tradition in the district that features performances from all of our high school band programs,” said Janay Bird, the Fine Arts Coordinator in St. Vrain Valley Schools. “These students have the opportunity to perform for one another, see what other schools are doing for their shows, and they receive feedback from judges that they use to improve throughout the year,” she adds. 

Each high school in the district invites eighth-grade band students to come to St. Vrain Band Night to encourage them to participate in their high schools’ band program by presenting the performances of each marching band program within St. Vrain Valley Schools.

“The high schools also invite the eighth-graders at their feeder schools to attend so they can see what marching band in high school is like. It’s a great showcase of the band programs in our district,” said Janay Bird.

At other sports activities, such as football, the audience is cheering for a specific team, but that is not the case at SVVSD Band Night. At this event, the audience cheers for everyone, regardless of what school they attend, which helps add to the very supportive marching band community that has been created within St. Vrain Valley Schools.

“District-wide opportunities allow students to connect and celebrate one another. We love the camaraderie that this event brings to our community,” said Janay Bird.

Overall, this year’s St. Vrain Band Night was a huge success and had a strong comeback after missing the 2020 event due to the Coronavirus. There was a great community turnout, and each band had excellent performances. If you have never been to SVVSD Band Night before, we strongly recommend attending next year’s event to experience the excellent work being done in each high school band program within SVVSD, as well as the great community that has been created around the marching band programs.