We Can Be Royals

Frederick selects this year’s Homecoming royalty


Courtesy of Quinn McNeill

Homecoming King Jake Chestler posing with his fellow nominee Quinn McNeill before the homecoming game.

Julissa Solorzano, Social Media Manager

For most students, Homecoming is a chance to dress up, look sharp, and feel like they are in a fairy tale. Of course, every fairy tale has royalty, and for homecoming, we have our court.

The Homecoming Court was announced on September 27 after students voted for the student to best represent them in their Advisory class. The Court was announced through the all-grade course in Schoology.

The ninth graders’ court members are Gavin Ishmael and Shaylee O’Neil. When asked why he voted for Gavin Ishmael, freshman Danny Thompson answered “because he is hot.” The tenth graders’ court members are Madelyn Green and Layne Smotzer. Sophomore Josie Stanton voted for both Madelyn Green and Layne Smotzer because “Maddie is my friend and Layne was running with her” said Josie. The eleventh graders’ court members are Riley Kilmartin and Julius Pommatha. 

The senior court members work differently–while the other grades are decided in advanced, the first vote narrowed down the senior class to six candidates, who will be chosen by students in a separate ballot and announced at the halftime of the Homecoming football game. The nominees for this year are Kennedy Perez, Annabelle Finch, Sophia Meza, Quinn McNeill, Jake Chesler, and Trevor Siders. 

Although the students don’t specifically have to run with someone Sophia Meza and Trevor Siders decided to run together “for fun and to see how far we would make it,” said Sophia. Trevor has been a member of choir, mens volleyball, and theatre and plans on going into the Armed Forces after high school. Sophia is v part of the student council, LINK crew, student advisory, NHS (National Honors Society), and Key Club. Sophia said that “by being a strong part of all these groups I like to think that, that makes me a well-rounded representative of FHS”

While Kennedy Perez also never specifically said that she was running with Quinn McNeill, it was implied by the flurry of photographs that were posted on social media by the two in the days after the nomination. Quinn is a member of the student council and the committee on deciding the new school mascot. Quinn is also the NHS president, is part of the LINK crew, plays tennis, and runs track. Kennedy is part of Volleyball at FHS and can always be spotted in the rowdy crowd always cheering on her school.

The defacto final pair running are Annabelle and Jake. Annabelle likes to make FHS a friendly place. She wants everyone at FHS to feel included, which is why Anabelle is part of NHS and student council. Anabelle has a lot of school spirit and loves representing FHS: “I’ve always loved watching people win but never thought it could be me!”  Jake, meanwhile, has been part of the Fredrick community since he can remember: “I have a lot of pride in our school and everyone who goes with it,” said Jake. Jake dedicates most of his time playing golf for FHS, making regionals year after year.

All of these candidates are great, they all represent FHS in different ways. They all participate in one way or another, they all want the same for the school success which is what they have had through their high school careers. While any one of these seniors would be a fine leader of our homecoming court, only two will be crowned. Make sure to come to the Homecoming Game on Friday to find out who will become royalty.