Rumor Has It This Show is Great

Frederick Theatre produces the hilarious must-see play Rumors

Liz Kulesus, Staff Writer

The FHS theatre department typically goes for dramatic, emotional dramas, avoiding the comedic genre; yet this year, Ferguson has decided to test new waters by performing the well-known gut-busting comedy, Rumors by Neil Simon.

Although Rumors is different than other plays that the actors have participated in, the students nonetheless, still have put their all into this play to perform a memorable experience, and a spectacular show. Brianna Fleeman, a senior playing as the role of Cassie Cooper, “It’s been a great experience! It’s helped me improve my acting altogether.” Her first appearance on the Frederick Auditorium stage was in the production of Big Fish, although she’s practiced musical theatre since she was ten years old. When asked what her favorite thing was about acting she replied, “It’s fun to pretend to be someone else for a little bit.” ​

In the show, Cassie’s renowned husband, Glenn Cooper, is played by Thomas Beeker, a very talented freshman who first appeared on the FHS stage in the production of Newsies, where he played the notorious role of Mr. Pulitzer. Though he’s the youngest addition to the cast, he doesn’t let that hold him back as a talented performer. “I enjoy working with other people,” Thomas inputs, “I like sharing our energies.”

Rumors, unlike the other plays, was given about a week and a half to build the set, which includes building a massive staircase, and a two-story house decorated in white, red; and black. In spite of this fact, the cast has still managed to stay positive and excited for the opening night, even if they are required to build a set in ten days. “I think it’s all going to come together; I’m very excited to see the finished product,” Beeker says with vivacity when asked how he feels to be performing in under ten days.

Even if the play has undergone several trials, each actor has put forth effort into the finished product, and hopes to perform a charming, and diverse play.