UPDATE: SAT Canceled, Changes to AP Testing, More Businesses Close



With COVID-19 shutting down more schools across the country, CollegeBoard is making changes to SAT and AP testing this spring.

Brandon Coon, Staff Adviser

Colorado Governor Jared Polis has canceled all state testing in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. This includes the April 14 SAT test for juniors, the April 15 PSAT for sophomores and freshmen, and the CMAS science and social studies tests for juniors. Governor Polis said Tuesday afternoon that he would seek a waiver from testing from the federal government. “For schools, this means we will miss a year of achievement data and two years of growth date,” Frederick principal Brian Young told us.

As for the junior class, many of whom were banking on taking the April 14 “free shot” test for college, it is unclear if they will get another opportunity to take the SAT without paying for it. “Given the scope of the outbreak, many colleges may drop the SAT requirement next year,” Mr. Young said. He also said that a fall SAT next year may be a possibility to give this year’s juniors access to the test. “Anything is possible next year–we’ll be working with the state to do what’s best for our juniors.”

A minimum SAT benchmark score is part of the graduation requirements for the class of 2021, and if a delayed test is not held next fall, this requirement will most likely be waived. The juniors cannot even go out and pay for their own SAT test: CollegeBoard has canceled SAT testing for March 28 and May 2 and will be issuing refunds for the students who have signed up for the tests.

As for AP tests, CollegeBoard has announced that they will extend the portfolio submission deadlines for Computer Science Principles, both 2-D and 3-D Art and Design, Drawing, Research, and Seminar courses. As for all other AP tests, CollegeBoard says they will make adjustments on a case-by-case basis. If our district reopens with enough time to make up for lost instruction before the testing dates of May 4-15, then nothing with the testing will change. However, CollegeBoard will allow makeup testing into June and possible home testing online if the shutdown continues into late April. CollegeBoard will release more about these testing plans on March 20.

Finally, Governor Jared Polis as banned all dine-in services at restaurants in Colorado for the next 30 days. Most local restaurants, as we reported yesterday, were already moving to a pick-up and/or delivery only service model, but now all local bars and restaurants must shift their services. Following announcements by Regal and AMC that they would temporarily close their theaters, Governor Polis has ordered that all theaters, gyms, and coffeehouses close for the next month as well. All Colorado DMV sites will also be closed until April 18.

The impacts on these closures on Frederick High students are still unknown but have the potential to be very detrimental. For students hoping to get their permit or driver’s license this month, they will have to wait a little longer. As most of our students work at restaurants, grocery stores, movie theatres, or retail shops, there is a very real risk of scores of students losing their jobs in the next month. While jobs for student grocery workers and popular restaurants are relatively safe (as they have seen an increase in a need for delivery drivers), other student workers may not be so lucky. As more and more retail businesses shut their doors (both Apple and Bath and Body Works announced this morning that they are closing their store locations for the next month), it becomes more uncertain how many students will be financially affected.

One way job displaced students can do is apply at their local King Soopers and Safeway. Both grocery chains announced that they need more delivery drivers and stocking associates to help keep supplies stocked and customers safe during the outbreak.

We at the Frederick Scout will keep you updated on any developments. Stay safe, everyone!

Note: This article has been updated to reflect the cancelation of the SAT by Governor Polis and the announcement by King Soopers and Safeway that they are hiring additional workers.