Little Miss Perfect

100% isn’t always perfect.

Bella Neiberger, Special Contributor

“Wow you’re so mature for your age.”

“You’re gifted, talented ahead of the class.”

That is what I prided myself on.

Little miss high achiever they’d say, little miss goodie two shoes,

Little miss perfect.

That is who I am, who I have to be.


But being perfect shouldn’t feel so exhausting.


My hand shouldn’t quiver over the paper,

My mind should spin at the less than average percents,

My heart shouldn’t ache for a break.

The grade was to be high, or what’s wrong with me?

I have to understand, or obviously stupid;

I have to succeed or I’m losing my talent.

I have to be perfect, if I am anything less, who am I?

Is it so wrong to want to give up, is it so wrong to want relief.


Being perfect shouldn’t feel so draining.


I’ve been told my emotions should depend on a teacher praise,

That they shouldn’t waiver due to having a off day-

I should put myself first.

But my mind won’t allow it, i was raised of success

And i will not accept anything less

Then what I believe to be good enough, but who decides what is good enough?


Being perfect shouldn’t feel so miserable.