Homecoming March

The Frederick marching band performance will be one to see for this years game!

Titus Holmes, Staff Writer

Fredericks’ own marching band will be performing for the halftime show during the homecoming game. It’ll be a sight to see and have many familiar faces. The crowd will need a lot of school spirit to cheer on not only the football team, but our performance and marching band for this year as they get ready to knock off some socks.

Frederick Scout: How do you think you will do for the homecoming game performance?

Anthony Cohernour: I think we will do well to the best of our ability, no live performance is perfect there will always be mistakes.

Owen Etter: I think we’ll do pretty good! I know we won’t be amazing, but if we work hard through marching season, then we will really sound amazing.

Mr. Thomas: It’s usually a pretty good performance for us, so I’m excited for it! I think it’ll be good. Our marching band this year is based on a funk thing, it’s contemporary funk. So, we’re doing music by Bruno Mars, and a couple of other contemporary funk things.

FS: How often do you practice?

AC: We practice music every class and every Tuesday night until the season is over for football.

OE: We practice every Tuesday night and that’s basically it.

Mr. T: We have practice every Tuesday, and then every A day.

FS: How do you feel about Homecoming this year?

AC: I feel great about it this year, the football team is doing great and the band is putting the effort in for our performances it’s gonna be a great game.

OE: I think with the theme and the current modern times, I feel like it’s going to be amazing and unique.

Mr. T: Y’know Homecoming is always fun! It’s important to the students and it’s just a big party, so it’s a lot of fun.

If you’d like to go and cheer on the team and marching band make sure to go to the big game! The performance from the school marching band will be one to remember and appreciate for years.