Girls Golf Has Much to Offer

The girls golf program is going strong and has been in past years. The program even offers scholarships to help out the girls with their post secondary plan.


Courtesy of FHS Girls Golf

The girls golf team has has a strong start to the season so far and they have a bright future for the season coming. Pictured in the photo, Abby Weston, Ella Hopple, Danika Dennis, Hallie Berlinger, Lexi Bendfelt, Makayla Miller, Eden Morris, and Zoe Millard. (Left to right)

Kaya Paluda, Staff Writer

It is that time of the year again. It’s Girls Golf season! Although golf is not everyone’s forte and many don’t know much about the sport it sure does deserve more recognition. Fredericks girls golf program comes with many opportunities even including scholarships. But most notable people need to learn more about the sport to be able to support it further especially here at FHS where the girls golf program does have more to offer than some might interpret. So far this year’s standings for the golf team is 7th in the league, and sophomore Makayla Miller is 12th in her individual standings. 

Some might not know much of anything about golf and how the program works here at FHS but Coach Christopher DeSantis explained it as, “Golf is a sport that takes between 5 and 6 hours to play plus another couple hours with the bus ride. The sport is an individual score but 3 scores makes up a team score. Our girls golf program has been around since 2016 and has had a state qualifier every year in the program and we continue to grow in numbers. This year we have 12 girls out.” Golf is certainly a complex and mindful sport that only some have the skills to master and succeed in. As he said the program is getting better and better but has been successful in past years with the such big steps they’ve had with the numerous state qualifiers as they wish to continue with this year. 

But what sets the golf program apart from some of the rest of the sports is the scholarships that the program offers. “There are a ton of scholarships out there and lots go unused. They help the girls by continuing their education but allow them to play more. The joy of being able to play a sport for the rest of your life. As well as missing school and being able to be successful when you come back. The kids miss between 8-10 days of school and are still successful in the classroom. It is super important to take that into account.” Quoted Christopher DeSantis.

Every student athlete must always be a student before they are an athlete. The program like all others takes this very seriously and with scholarships being offered this becomes just that more important. 

“Golf is unique because you can play this sport the rest of your life. I like how golf is social and is able to meet great people as well as bond. The coaching side is talking and sharing my passion with a new generation.” 

Although golf isn’t everyone’s passion or hobby the guild team here at FHS needs more recognition and support from the school and all its students. The girls golf program has been successful for many years now and has many more to come from them in the future. As you can see golf has so much more to offer than some may seem.