The Old-School Promenade

With Prom taking place tomorrow, take a trip back in time to see how far the dance has come


Art By Julissa Solorzano

“Prom is more of a summative thing where you earn that experience, Prom should be a special nigh even if you arent going with a date or your one true love. It’s just a night that should be fun and like graduation a few weeks later, a moment where seniors can really let loose and simle at how far they have come,” said Mr.Coon

Julissa Solorzano, Staff Writer

We all hear the words “back in my day” and immediately close our ears. We don’t want to listen to what older generations have to say about their expiriences. But some light needs to be shed on all the older generations’ prom experiences and how different and elaborate they have become as the decades go by. The majority of teachers went to prom, but how different was when they went to Prom back then?

In the mid 1800’s, what we know as prom today began as a way to promote social ettiquette and manners. Prom didnt get its name until 1928 when Otto Rohwedders shortened the word from promanade. Prom became more elaborate in the 1950’s, slowly moving from the high school to hotel ball rooms. Prom has allways been sophisticated—people have always dressed fancier for Prom than a regular dance.

“We actually had Prom at the high school gym. The Juniors were responsible for putting up all the decorations and everything,” said Mr. Soukup

Since the beginning of Prom, it’s been popular for females to be escorted by a male class mate. Until recently people would only go to prom if they had a date, but it has been more popularized to go with a group of friends instead of a group of couples.

“I went with a date and a bunch of couples. I went to Longmont High School, our Prom lasted until about 11 or so, after we went over to a friends house partied there for a little.You guys are also most likely to go with a group of friends. As for, it was a group of friend but all couples. I dont remember any single guys or gals go you had a date or didnt go,” said Mr. Soukup

But on the contrary, Mr. Coon was able to go with a friend without having the pressure of his peers.

“It was just pretty average, for reasons I couldn’t go to Prom with my girlfriend so I just took a good friend. We had a great time, It was a nice dinner and a nice place,” said Mr.Coon.

After-Prom at schools wasn’t something that happened until recently.

“One of the parents of the friends that I went with had put a breakfast together for us. So we went over to his house and all the couples went over for breakfast at like 2 or 3:oo in the morning. There was no such thing as an After-Prom back then,” said Mr. Soukup.

“After Prom back then was held at The Y for skyline [High School] so that was a little crazy,” said Mr.Coon.

There are more noticable changes that have been made to Prom lately. “When I went, there was no charge for it, it was free,” said Mr. Soukup. “There was no After-Prom, back then it was more dangerous than it is now.”

“I dont think Prom has changed very much other than going away from King and Queen and calling it royalty,” said Mr. Coon. “I think everything is pretty much the same because really its an outside school event its not like homecoming where it is held in the build ing and so much of prom is not.”

All in all, Prom is fundamental for end of year school celebrations. Many people might not want to go, but it is something that you will look back on and regret not going.

“It was fun and memorable, I think peole should go to prom just so they dress up once in a while. It’s nice to go to something fancy so you get used to dressing up. It’s enjoyable, and its a lot better now because a lot of people just go as friends. It’s nice to just go out as friends and have a good time and eat together,” said Mr.Soukup

So go to Prom and have some fun. And although many times we want to ignore older generations experiences, sometimes we need to listen and appreciate how far things have come.