8-Bit Christmas is A-Bit Awesome



Go check out 8-Bit Christmas now streaming only on HBO Max! The film full of fun, laughter, excitement, and more !

Makenzie Carpenter-Sais, Staff Writer

Winter is one of the best times to sit down, bundle up and watch movies. 8-Bit Christmas directed by Micheal Dowse is now streaming on HBO Max. An hour and thirty-seven minute running time and rated PG film, is unexpectedly humorous and heartwarming boosts up without a glitch. Some of the top critics for tomato meters are sending in positive reviews everyday. 

Well known actresses from other popular movies all come together as one Steve Zaharia, Neil Patrick Harris, Winslow Fegley, David Cross and more!

Jake Doyle unfolds the truth to his Daughter that desperately wants a cell phone for Christmas, How as a child in Chicago, December of 1988 he got his first Nintendo Entertainment System. The movie is told through flashbacks, Jake tells the story to his young daughter. Recalling from his memory of that Christmas season and the adventure to the game console. More than anything, eleven-year-old Jake wants the legendary home entertainment: expensive, eye-appealing game console. Jake and his friends obsessed with getting their hands on the game console are willing to go the extra mile to own an entertainment game system. However the road to success is filled with disasters and disappointment. Only a few lucky kids will manage to play with the famous console. What will it take to twinkle and make it the best 8-bit Christmas ever.

The storyline between the father telling the story to his daughter is very heartfelt. The story that is being told was very heartwarming and takes a big role into Annie’s interest. The father-son relationship that grew during the story was very interesting and related to the father-daughter relationship that will soon grow. The adventure and friendships that took place all created amazing characteristic features.

The graphics in the film are displayed very well. The scenery presented the film very nicely, as well as matching the time period of the movie. The film had a very clear picture and amazing camera work. The lighting, settings, and background props really stood out and gave a special effect to embrace the 1980’s in the film. The cast and acting in the film was very well played out. Whether the emotion was scared, happy, mad, or sad, it’s easy to see from a viewer’s perspective to recognize what was happening in each scene. The acting felt very real and powerful when and the way it was narrated felt super cool and very clear. 

From an audience standpoint the movie was really thought out and super funny, the film wasn’t like any other typical Christmas movie for that reason it stands out. Personally I think the film was made tremendously well. It was super funny, and had me laughing a lot. I was super intrigued and I wanted to know what would happen next during the journey of the eleven year old kid. I really enjoyed the way the film was narrated and how the story played out. I also like the time period difference and you knew when the story took place.

Overall 8-Bit Christmas is an amazing film. If you are looking for something fresh, exciting, and fun. I would definitely recommend this hilarious comedy family film to all viewers looking for a reason to sit down, bundle up and enjoy a funny movie.